$15k for a 99 cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by vennom, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Is $15,000 to much to ask for a 99 cobra with just under 30,000 miles? I have been trying to sell it and so far nobody has been interested. . .what are 99's usually going for these days? I also have eibachs, cobra 280 rims, 4.10 gears and a short shifter. If anybody has any ideas I would like to hear them. Thanks.[​IMG]
  2. Naw- 15K is right around the money mark for a '99. Your car looks nice as well. Probably whats killing you are the 4.10s. When I was looking for my cobra, I would consider modded 'stangs.. but if they mentioned any gear swap at all- I was long gone. Best thing I think you could do is to put 3.27s back in man. Nobody that understands driveline mechanics and wants their car to last for 15 years w/o engine probs wont touch 'em.

    Good luck with your car though. You can allways lower the price a bit to see if you get some bites.
  3. That's a great price. I bought mine at 37k stock for $15.5, but that was about 1.5 yrs ago. Car sales have hit a recent slump, for some odd reason. June was a ****ty month for the major manufacturers. I would think it would sell in the summer especially quick, since it is a sports car.

    Give it time, someone out there will be looking, you just need to be selling at that time.
  4. it was the gas spike bro
  5. Leave the f'in gears in. :p Geras in a cobra are a low 13 if your good especialy with DRs. Hte only problem with them is the IRS is ****ty. You have to make sure that is has the fix becaue i KNOW the 99s had some problems that i would watch out for. Personaly, i would look for a nice Mach or soemthing and spend the extra 5 grand (least around here for a used Mach), and you will be in better condition ect.

  6. It takes a while to sell special interest <A TITLE="Click for more information about car" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="http://search.targetwords.com/u.search?x=5977|1||||cars|AA1VDw"><A TITLE="Click for more information about car" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="http://search.targetwords.com/u.search?x=5977|1||||cars|AA1VDw">car</A></A> a for a decent price, if your not in a rush to sell it, stick it out for a while. Someone will come along & want it.

    BTW. Where do you have it advertised? It also might help to not list your mods in the advertisement as well. Some people equate mods as detrimental or to owners that beat on their cars, when they come look at it the will see it's not the case.
  7. Hey dont take a penny under 15,000 man thats what I was looking for when I found my 01 (18,900)with 21,000 miles. :nice:
  8. do you ever make a post that doesnt mention the 99's "fix"? and whats with all the ragging on the IRS?

    do some research, SVT has accounted for all 99's and they all been "fixed" jeez not like a 99 cobra owner would need you to remind him of that anyway

    so you can get used machs for $10k?

    besides this is the SVT forum not the 2v section
  9. its hard to sell cars now days, I have repeatedly posted mine for sale but for 17,500 when it had 33k miles on it, now I have 45k on it and figured I might as well keep it cause no one would want it for that price even though it is a nice car with lots of mods, and me personally I like cars that are modded, less money I have to spend doing it latter.
  10. The mentioning of the 410 gears is not a problem...

    Anyone who is serious on the Cobra's knows that it needs those gears to truly wake it up from the sleepy 327's ..

    Trust me, I know because I'm still plannin that 410 swap myself and know everyone else out here on SN swears by it..

    It will sell with those gears.. And to someone who knows there stangs !!

  11. well

    let me tell you, if i was still going to sell my snake..i would be at your doorstep with 15 grand because its newer and under 30k is great.......just remember that the market blows right now my friend..have patience and dont go to low.....its just not worth it. :banana: :spot: :owned:
  12. So how do you guys like the 4.10 in your 99's? Do you wish you went 4.30's or are you completely satisfied?
  13. i almost bought this exact car last year. i remember it well because of the license plate. where/when did you buy it? fun car! i was only 24 at the time so my insurance would have been higher than the payments. now i'm looking at a Sonic Blue '04 Cobra with 2500 miles on it. should be able to pick it up for 25 or 26. not sure if i can make it work in the budget though.
    15K is a good price for that car. i still see the '97's and older going for more than that with more mileage sometimes. pm me if you get a chance.
  14. try doing a search but I will tell you that I wish I had gone with 4.30's but I hope to add some power here soon so maybe I will be happy then, but NA I wish I had gone 4.30's. sorry for the highjack.
  15. Your price is very fair for a car in the right condition.

    I just bought a 99, and did extensive searching. I suggest you include in your ads that you have the 99B27 fix in it. Most folks suspecting 99s will want to be sure of that.

    I paid 13K for a 99 with 52K miles. Stock, except flow masters.

    I definitely would have valued the 20K miles at 2K and bit on 15k for a mint car with 30K. PLus yours is red and mine is green (bought it for my 16 year old son). Green is OK.. At first I did not like it, but it is becoming more and more appealing. (I am RED biased... My ride is Torch Red Z06. ;-) )

  16. ya still having trouble selling it, a lot of people call and ask for info and dont call back! The car has had all 3 recalls on it and if someone would come take the time to look at it i know they would love it. I agree that the car needs the 4.10 gears. Its really frusterating not being able to sell it, i know the price is more than fair and it hurts to try and sell it so hard when i love the car and . . .im sure you all know how it is.