165,000 on Engine..what to do

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Hey guys my engine has 165000 on it...but still runs very strong...has oil leaks and such though...the basics of a moter getting worn out...
    im on a budget here...unless i find an engine ready to go for 3000 bucks that i can trust to throw in without alot of mods or trouble.
    do u think if i just take some stuff off the engine..without taking it out...replace all gaskets, get a gt-40 head/valvetrain setup and port out my intakes...would a good tune-up like that make my engine last another good while...or it is not worth it..would the piston rings and everything else internal be getting shot?
  2. Jeez, $3000? You could probably put together a decent GT40 headed rebuild for that. I've got about $3500+ in mine with Edelbrocks and alot of inefficient spending, so I know you could get a solid engine with iron heads for alot less. I think you can get a production Mustang 5.0 short block(new) from Ford Racing for like $1300, full longblock is $2900(2003 catalog prices, may have changed). You could get the shortblock for 1400 after shipping, 400-500 for some rebuilt GT40s with 3 angle grind etc, and a TMOSS ported lower intake for ~130. That leaves you with a brand new complete engine and $1000 to spare.

    If you just want to freshen everything up, whether you can or not depends on how worn the engine is already and that depends on how it was driven and maintained. If the bores and crank are minimally worn, then you might be able to just replace the rings, bearings, and hone the cylinders.