17" bullet wheel color.

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  1. I have a red 2005 mustang. The car has assorted black accents and right now 17" silver bullet wheels. I am debating getting them painted black and keep the rim silver.

    I need ideas on if i should buy new wheels completely or paint them, and if i paint them what paint to use.

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  2. In my, this car looks AWESOME with the 18" GT rims. The bullitts you have, I also have for my snow tires. Maybe check out my link to classifieds if you are still considering rim options because I have included pics wit hthem on the car. I also happen to like the v6 grill because I think it looks more retro and realistic, like the 60's cars.
  3. Looks glad man, like mine torch red and beauty. Also I painted my lower rockers from black to red I'm also gonna paint my Morris red as well. 4abu7ema.jpg
  4. Plasti-Dip is an option. If you don't like it, you can just peel it off.

    I say leave them silver and see if the look grows on you.
  5. NO, don't plasti dip, if you're going black, You already know they are going to look Baddass just paint them black, Duplicolor has a fine line of paints and vids online will show you how to prep and paint, yes plasti is easy to peel off, but on wheels a royal pain I'm sure-- CHOP
  6. Oh, and I'm thinking real hard on painting my silver rims black, and mines a white stang 14, I really like the wheels, opposed to New black wheels , but these are cool --- CHOP