17" Bullitt Wheels

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    You might have seen his add in a few magazines. These are our new take-off 17" Bullitt wheels. Also, to include with these colors we now have a full faced gunmetal. It is all painted with no silver lip.
    Here is the comparison.

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  2. They are free shipping!
  3. Pony Caps are with red, white, and blue stripes or plain black background
  4. FR3-20015-SPKIT.jpg
    We have spacers for these wheels to fit your SN95
  5. Fun fact about the Chrome sets.
    These wheels are G-Chromed - Factory Chrome Wheels That Never Pit or Peel - G-Chrome is environmentally friendly, using no hazardous materials and producing no hazardous waste. It combines powder coating and vacuum metallization together, producing a true classic chrome finish with a deep rich appearance equal to traditional triple plate or show quality chrome.
  6. All take-off OEM wheels other than silver have been freshly painted.
  7. Was just talking to a guy whom wanted to put a set of dark argent on his Ford Escape! Crazy but might be cool
  8. OEM Wheels with some flare.
  9. You can get just the pony caps for $39.99 + shipping.
  10. Happy Hump Day! How about a set of Chrome Bullitt wheels?
  11. Just got some fresh Matte Black in!
  12. Test and a Bump. :)
  13. Thanks!
  14. Want to remind everyone that all wheels and wheel and tire packages are free shipping.
  15. MPdO3Ar.jpg
    Full gunmetal mounted on tires finally! What do you guys think of the center cap I chose? Not sure if I like this combo....
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  16. We have some sets of the 2013 Mustang GT 18x8 in silver available.
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  17. Happy Thursday Everbody
  18. Sold some silver bullits to a gentleman with a Fairlane GT. Hoping he sends some pics!
  19. Let me know if you have any questions. You can reply here or email us through our website.
  20. Happy Friday! How about treating yourself to some Bullitt Wheels? Everybody likes new shoes.