17" chrome pony wheels cheesie on 95?

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  1. Cheesy....no, but you'd better make sure the backspacing is correct for the SN95 spindles.
  2. on american muscle they have the same wheel listed twice, the link I gave and then again under 94-04 section. Same specs, same part # but here's the kicker, the listing for the fox mustang is $109 ea, the listing for the sn's is $169.
  3. IMO, that would look horrible.
  4. The '87-'93 wheels are cheaper because they're marked as being on clearance. They have the exact same backspace and offset as the '94-'98 wheels. They have a 9" wide version listed in the '94-'98 section. You could put a pair of those on the rear if you decide to go this route. I don't think they'd look that bad.
  5. Yeah my predicament really is I'm looking for a 5 lug 17x8 and they are on short supply it seems
  6. Why are you looking for 17x8 wheels?

    If its tires, 245/45's fit fine on a 17x9 wheel.
    I ran around for years on 17x9's with 245/45's all around.
  7. I don't understand either. What is the problem with getting 17x9?
  8. Yeah? Everyone is recommending the 270 tires and such. Gear banger 101 even a 255 wouldn't be enough tire for a 9" wheel said something to the fact that the wheel would stick out further than the and not do well against road hazards and curbs etc etc
  9. They look fine to me.

    Maybe just don't hit a curb?

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  10. I got 17X9s and am running 245/45R17s with no issues.... ever.
  11. thanks man looks sharp

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