17" or 18" rims?

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  1. I'm at a crossroad guys and i'm looking for opinions. For a long time i wanted 18" rims, prolly saleens, but lately i've been considering 17" 03/04 cobra rims. I found a good deal on an OEM set near me and its really tempting to just pick them up. The pics in the other thread with the silver car and those rims is also swaying my decision. 18s are harder to find used and buying them new will be probably close to $1300 by the time i'm done. Car will be lowered also and i'm going to get the cobra/bullitt front brake package. What do you guys think?
  2. Get 18's. Look killer with lowering spring. I would get something other then 03Cobra rim tho. Its bit played out i think. I want to change mine to somethign else
  3. If i go 18's, i prolly won't go 03 cobra. i gotta see if i can get a deal on some tires somewhere, they are what is gonna kill me.
  4. 18's for looks and handling

    17's for price and less rotational mass

    i opted for 18's ;)
  5. I know what would look perfect in a 18" for you my friend....:p
  6. I know... And i also happen to know that "Perfect" wheel for my car is one of most expensive wheel too...:(
  7. True, but it'll look so badass it'll be worth it!
  8. 18" saleen replicas 18 x 9 and 18 x 10 with tires are on special for $1,079.00 from www.wheelreplicas.com
  9. Where do you see that special? Thats deffinetly a price i can live with.
  10. check ebay, theres always good deals there. i bought a set of brand new '00 cobra r replica 18x9 wheels for $400. didnt pay for shipping b/c i drove to dallas (3 hours away) to pick them up.
  11. I think saleens look pretty good on New Edge stangs.

    ...But what i think is super sick looking is the 18 inch 03 Cobra Wheels from AFS...They looks SOOO Sick on lowered stangs.

    Me.....i am going with the 03 satins
  12. Wow, that's a sweet deal. Exactly what I'm going with. Can't find the deal though?!? EDIT - I found it...but the tire/wheel combo is for bullitts, not saleens.

    Go with what you can live with. If you'll be happy getting the 17's just cuz they're cheaper, then save the money. If you really want 18's, just wait till you can pony up the cash.
  13. Unfortunetly, i can pony up the cash now, the decision is whether i want to or not. Spending $1200 on rims isn't something i want to do. I can live with around $900. Tires are what kills me, they almost always cost more than the rims. I can get polished saleens for like $580 to my door, but tires are gonna be another $700ish
  14. Yeah I want some new wheels, but tires and rims for some 18's would be breaking my bank! Just had to buy new tires for the 17's so I might have to go with some DD 17's.
  15. why is no one looking on ebay? if you dont mind buying replicas, BUY EBAY!!!! look at this deal

    18x9 and 18x10 Saleens for ~$500:

    18x9 and 18x10.5 03 Cobras for ~$750

    18x9 and 18x10 Bulitt Deep Dish for ~$600

  16. I'm not saying that the rims are expensive. I know i can get saleens for $580ish to my door. The problem is that once you add tires, your over $1300. Even the "package deals" online aren't great because the shipping kills you.
  17. Wait... Saleens aren't played out anymore? All I ever see on Mustangs is Saleen, Bullit, Cobra, and (now)FR500.
  18. So 18" tires really that much more than 17" tires. My thinking was what is really costing you is the tires to fit the 10" width. I've priced out Saleens and Nitto's fora bout $1400.

    But if you can get for 1200....and are willing to spend 900....what's another 300 bucks. But you have to be able to afford the new tires every so many miles. So the 17's will be much cheaper in the long run...after many sets of tires.
  19. Ya Saleen and Bullitt and even FR500 are getting very common these days...
    They look good. Just that everyone have them