17" or 18" rims?

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  1. :Word: Every Mustang rim is played out. Bullitts, Saleens, 03 Cobras, Y2K's, FR500's, Machs......

    If you really have to be "unique" you're not going to get it from a Mustang-specific wheel (except maybe* Roush's).
  2. I personally don't see a lot of Mach1 rims. Not even on Mach 1's.

    and when I said Cobra I meant all of the Cobra rims. 95 R, 00 R, 03, all of 'em.

  3. I think I have the only rim that is not played out yet

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  4. yeah, my stock 5-spokes are a rarity around here.

    to clear up what i meant, I dont think there's anything wrong with the typical mustang rims at all, they all look awesome and thats why so many people have them. I plan on getting black bullitts if I keep my car long enough. All I meant was that if you stay with any of the typical mustang rims, you arent going to be that unique at all, so get the kind you want and dont worry about what others think, its your car right?

    Add 10th anny Cobras to the list of not-so-played-out. They're out there of course, but not as common as others and they look awesome :nice:
  5. Yep, but unfortunately can be pretty expensive as well.....I just saved up until I could afford to upgrade from the argents...
  6. you're absolutely right, the Roush's are expensive. the same goes for a lot of non-mustang-specific aftermarket rims, they can be pricey.

    Your car looks killer btw :nice:
  7. Thanks....:)

    I actually wanted to get some CCW's but they were WAY out of my budget.
  8. I prefer non-mustang specific aftermarket wheels in 17 or 18" depending on how much you feel like spending on tires for a mustang. And ride quality
  9. I don't really feel the need to be unique, the mustang rims look good so they are fine. And luckily i wont have this car long enough to need another set of tires since i really dont even drive that far.