17" rims for 2010 Mustang GT ?

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  1. Hello everybody, its my first day here. Just very recently in USA i've bought a Mustang GT 2010, and it is ready to be shiped to Europe. Only question is i want to add wheels to be shipped togehter with the car. Almost a week or so I was browsing different sites and visualisation programs to check which wheels look best on Mustangs. There were different people and different opinions.

    I have clearly decided that best classic look is for Torq Thrust II. I want to go for size 17". So i could mount tire with larger sidewall. For the sidewall everything is ok, i like bigger sidewalls and it is less bumpy on the road.

    I have found on the internet, that some of the 17" wheels still would fit 2010 gt's (american muscle site). But I want to install 17" x 9.5" American Racing Torq Thrust II, but nobody was able to explain if they fit on 2010 Mustang GT.

    I would go any possible modification to have these on my car. Somebody said for the offset and backside measuremens these wheels should fit leaving only 0,5 inch space. Is it possible somehow to confirm or decline that information. I was trying to reach somebody from American racing, but manufacturer don't give their contacts on the web.

    if the problem would be solved using spacers or shaving of some calipers, i would go for it.

    Does anybody know if 17" Torq Thrust II fits on Mustang GT 2010? Thanks in advance for help.

    i got some information, but that does not help me atol (

    Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4.5"
    Backspacing: 6.25"
    Offset: 25mm

    help anybody!!!