SN95 17" Speedware Cobra R Replica Center Cap Woes...

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  1. A few years back I bought a used set of Speedware 17" Cobra R 5 Lug for my 1995 Mustang GT.

    I want to swap out my Speedware center caps for factory Cobra R style center caps. The Speedware center caps are 2 1/4" and the factory 1995 Cobra R center caps are 2 1/4". Is it possible to use the factory 1995 Cobra R center caps instead? I know they are really pricey, but I would rather use the factory setup than some aftermarket center cap. I want that genuine look. I want to make sure they fit first before dishing out $230 for the Cobra R center caps. I know I have replicas, but I recently powder coated the wheels and they looks amazing! I just want the center caps looking sweet too!

    I'm sure someone has encountered this before, I have searched but no solution. Everyone starts a thread and doesn't finish it. That's annoying. I'm hoping to put this issue to rest. I've checked the center cap and it's a 2 1/4" center. From what I've researched the 1995 Cobra Rs are 2 1/4" and 2000 Cobra Rs are 2 1/2". I'm hoping I get this resolved soon. I want the clean look!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Geezalou! 230 clams for center caps!? So what's the issue unless I'm reading it wrong? If your wheel has a 2 1/4 center and the cap u want is 2 1/4 then the problem is? You're throwing me off w the '00 cobra center that is 2 1/2, is that the one you want and are trying to jam it in a 2 1/4 hole?
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  3. Well I'm just not sure they are compatible. Just because they are the same size doesn't mean that the way they mount is the same. Ya know? I just don't want to front the money just to "check" ya know?

    The reason I even mentioned the 2000 Cobra Rs is only for the fact, some might say they are 2.5" and not 2.25". Most center caps from Mustangs are 2.5". I've found only (so far) the 95 Cobra Rs are 2.25"

    Someone HAS to have run into this same situation before. The Speedware caps are dumb looking!! Haha
  4. I'd bet they just pop in like the rest
  5. But dang bro 230 bones for centercaps!?
  6. Well, I tried the decals. They looked great, just not the genuine look I was going for. Plus after preparing the surfaces... they lifted.


    So now on to my next concern. I want genuine caps and am willing to pay for genuine caps. I just need a few things answered for me. I need to know the size face of the '95 Cobra Rs. Is it truly 2 1/4" or is it 2 3/8"? This is why...


    The Speedware center caps are 2 3/8". I'm hoping that Ford rounded off the number to the nearest 1/4". Anyways... Here are the 2 1/2" center caps on my wheels. They stick out! Now they fit but don't seem to sit flush at all. This is just the backing part, does not include the actual top image part of the center cap.


    The pics above would somewhat work, if the inner clipped portion would actually clip in properly... Because the face is too large to sit in the bore, the inner clips don't reach to be fully secured inside.


    But the Speedware ones do... Obviously!


    The Speedware inner clips measure 2" in diameter. The factory Ford backing center for a 2 1/2" center cap measures at 2 1/4"


    I think I'm going to buy the factory '95 Cobra R centers when I get the chance... I'll just try it myself and report my findings.
  7. i have some Ford center caps home. Funny thing is they have the same OEM Ford part number, but are different in how much they project past the rim. Kinda weird. They are running horse caps though, so they won't apply here. I can get some pics.

    1 cap came off my own 2003 GT bullitt wheels, and the other caps are on a set of 2004 GT premium (same as polished 01 cobra) wheels I scored back in 2005 and still have yet to put on my car. (sitting in my closet for last decade)
  8. Yup those are them!

    Mustang5L5, these center caps are only backings so if the actual logo was on these center caps, it would protrude further than shown right now. The logos are thick.

    I really wish that I could find a set of used center caps for these wheels. Cobra Rs preferably. :/
  9. Do you have to take the cap off with the tire off the car? ...or just safer than pry on them?
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  10. Well, I looked at the two Ford caps I have and they do have different p/n

    This doesn't help you because you want R caps, but if you want sonething cheaper this night help


    Bullitt wheel cap on left, 03/04 premium cap on right. The bullety caps are MUCH nicer. The pony is more defined. You can see what I mean by they stick out more.


    Top view.

    Now for measurements. The outside facing part is about 2.5" for both caps

    The inner part of the wheel the fingers snap around is 2.25"

    And parts in your laundry room is perfectly normal.

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  11. And then searching if the bullet wheel fits the 1995 R wheel, I found this that says it does.

    If its true is another story. I guess based off the numbers I gave. Would a bullitt cap fit your wheel? Then I guess you just have to search to see if bullitt caps fit 1995 R wheels...meaning the R caps are the same.

    Sonething like that

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  12. What sucks kinda is the caps that came w my wheels from American muscle say American muscle on em. What I find funny is that you can buy plain caps for 6.99 and if you wanted u could buy the ones that come w the wheel sets that say American muscle for 19.995! Why would I wanna pay 20 a piece to advertise for them!? They should pay you to run em
  13. Wheels gotta come off and then you tap them out from the backside.
  14. Just added myself to the group. I gotta buy just one cap and see if it mounts.. I'll figure this out I'm sure!
  15. The peeling adhesive is a simple fix. Use some gasoline or label remover to get the old adhesive off the parts. Them use some acetone to do the final cleanup and dry everything off real good. Surface moisture is what makes super glue stick so quickly. The next step is tricky but simple: put super glue on the center cap in progressively larger concentric rings and stick the decals or whatever in place. You'll have about 15-30 seconds before the glue sets up to get the label or decal centered. Acetone will remove the excess super glue from your fingers and parts.

    I hope you don't super glue yourself to the parts in the process. My wife did just that and the result was priceless. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy to take pictures...
  16. I 'm having the same issue. Just bought a set of "Cobra Rs" from AM and I called them. They said that it didn't matter if the rims had a 2.5 center and the Cobra R caps are a 2.5 's, the Ford Racing caps wouldn't fit their rims. Something about the way the hole is made from the center of the hole to the rear of the hole. The AM rep told me rim makers do this so only a certain cap would fit it and Ford has the patten on the hole that was used on the real Cobra R kinda thing. I was told the Cobra caps made for the y2k Cobra Rs would fit. Not sure

    Also, here is the link to the guy who says the y2k caps works on his AM Cobra Rs