17" SVE Wheel Update - New Features!

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  1. By now I'm sure you've seen our 10th anniversary style SVE wheels. While extremely popular, we knew there were some changes that needed to be made!

    Originally the 17x9" wheel featured a deep lip. Now the lip size has been reduced to about .75". In doing so, we were also able to make the hub to where it will fit our 1987-93 5.0L Mustang 5 lug conversion kit!


    Then, we commissioned a 4 lug version! Thats right, 17x9 & 17x10 4lug SVE wheels that match our SVE design!


    Finally we added a flat black powdercoat finish to our color palette!


    In summary:
    • The 1994-2004 Mustang 17x9" 10th Anny style wheel now has a smaller lip!
    • The 17x9" 5 lug 10th Anny style wheel now fits our 1987-93 Mustang 5 lug conversion!
    • We now have a 4 lug SVE wheel that matches the style of our 5 lug version in 17x9" & 17x10"!
    • We now have a flat black powedercoat available in the 17" SVE 10th anny style wheels!

    All are in stock & ready to ship! Check out our full listing of Mustang SVE Wheels -
    Mustang 10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels at LRS - Same Day Shipping!

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  2. I heard somewhere that Chuck Norris had something to do with the 4-lug version... :rlaugh:

    You guys will be hearing from me in a month or two to pick a set up for my Mustang II, do you guys keep these in stock in Hewitt?
  3. I so wish I could convince the wife that I need a set of these right now. Unfortunately I already know her answer.... :nono:
  4. Chuck Norris is everyone's master. :rlaugh: We do have them in stock here in Hewitt!

    Sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. Although if your wife is like mine, if I tried that the result would be - :chair: