17s Or 18s For Stock Ride Height On A Coupe

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  1. Over the winter I want to do a 5 lug swap and get some new wheels. I don't plan to lower the car at all. I have Googled but I keep finding pictures of coupes that are lowered with 17s and 18s. I'm thinking 17s would look better with the stock ride height, but I've got my eye on the 18 SVE Drift wheels, but every picture I've seen the car has been lowered
  2. 17" overall is best on a Fox. I'm not saying 18's can't work, but my opinion is the 17" wheel is the right proportions for any setup.
  3. You aren't going to find many pics of foxes with 5 lug conversions and aftermarket wheels that aren't lowered. Lowering it is almost par for the course with those mods.
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  5. Another vote for 17's here. The lower profile wheel you go, the more pronounced the wheel gap is going to look.
  6. okay so its not a coupe and its lowered, but i'll stick with my 17's

  7. 17" are getting harder to find if you are looking for something other then FoMoCo

    But i like 17s best too
  8. Out of curiosity why not lower it when you swap? I like 17s also fwiw.

  9. Here's a pic of my car on 17" Cobra's and 245/45/17 with stock springs and suspension.


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  10. best combination of tire and wheel for a fox imo, and it goes great with a stock or lowered suspension.
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  11. No matter how you slice it with wheel size or choice, foxbody's sit too high.

    I like 18's, but that's me.
  12. between the lines, between the lines...
  13. It is all a matter of finding the right size tire for the rim diameter that you want to run. If the stock tire is 26" tall, then technically you could run a 25" rim with a 1/2" tall sidewall and still end up at 26" overall tire height. Not a realistic example, but gets the point across.
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  15. Ditto. I've never seen those before. I like!!
  16. They look like 4 lug replicas of the 03 cobra anniversary wheel.
  17. Correct. Those are 10th Anniversary 4-lug knock-offs in chrome. Great quality wheel. 275/40/17 out back, 255/45/17 up front. I bought them HERE.

    The front springs are new, so I cut 1/2 a coil off of them so they evened out the stance when combined with my stock 24-year-old rear springs. Personally, I think they give me just the right amount of gap between the top of the tire and the fender. Could I go lower? Sure, but I like the idea that my car doesn't bottom or drag my exhaust over speed bumps, and I don't get any major rubbing during hard cornering.
  18. 17" for a Fox.
  19. Thanks for the pictures guys. I think I'll go with 17s.

    And to whoever asked why I don't want to lower it, just my personal preference. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of them but I've had a lowered car for the past 8 years. Also, with the Mustang my H pipe already scrapes at stock ride height.