17s Or 18s For Stock Ride Height On A Coupe

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  1. I think a lot depends on the wheel. Some 17's look smaller than others. It also depends what car they are on. I think wheels look bigger on coupes and LX's because of the lack of side skirts. I used to be very adamant about nothing bigger than 17's on a fox, but after seeing some 18" wheels of specific brands, I think 18's can look great with the correct profile tires. I'm not into the rubber band look either.
  2. If your h pipe scrapes at stock height, the h and or catback is installed poorly.
    I've run lowered with 16, 17 and 18 inch wheels pretty much forever. Rarely do i have a scraping issue. The trick is angling the h pipe upwards towards where it meets the catback.

    Raceaholic is also right, some wheels look larger or smaller based on the rest of the car.

    I'm no picture whore, but here's an old one, only took me like 20 minutes to figure out how to link it. So hope it works.
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  3. I said that too ..... my coupe is lowered . eibach pro kit not too harsh
  4. I "lowered" my car with Mach 1 springs. I say that in quotes because it was probably 1/4" lowered from stock ride height.

    But it's nice to be able to drive the car without worrying about speed bumps and not being able to do a u-turn without rubbing.

    Mach springs are stiff, but the ride quality didn't decrease. Handling was much better without bottoming out the struts
  5. I had to install CC plates after I lowerd mine. I had to install them to pull the top of wheel inside the fender. If not it was sticking out past fender looking pretty bad.

    So grab some CC plates when lower your car. Regardless of what anybody says you really do need them. Mine was a 1.5" drop BBK springs.
  6. MM c+c plates and a UPR bumpsteer kit here with eibach pro springs. I don't have any exhaust clearance problems(steep driveways different story) I personally think the stock ride height is to high. They look like a 4x4 IMO my 17x9 cobra r wheels with 245/40/17 fronts and 275/40/17 in rear tuck right at the wheel wells and I don't rub except in rear if I have someone riding in the backseat