17x8 To 17x9?

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  1. I found an acquaintance wanting to trade his grey 17x9 cobra wheels for my chrome 17x8 cobra wheels. I was going to put the 245 45s back on the front of the 9 inch wheels. Will i have rub issues or any possible foreseeable issues using the 9 inch up front. Not sure what backspace/ offset. Possible 3 inch backspace. Measured with tape measure
  2. For anyone thinking of this swap in the future. It wouldn't work on my set up a 9 inch rim is to wide for my 90 fox..
  3. What kind of problems did you have? Just curious because I'm running 17x8's but have considered getting new wheels and most of the ones I like are 17x9. Thanks
  4. I have 17x9 up front with no problems. Just needed rack limiters so it wouldn't rub at full lock.
  5. I had to get rack limiters for my 17x8's as well. They rubbed at full lock. Fixed it right up.
  6. I gave my stock lower control arms a couple of whacks with a BFH to get the extra clearance I needed. 17x9's with 255/45/17 and stock springs with 2/3 of a coil cut out of them. No rack limiters. No rubbing issues.
  7. If I'd had a cut wheel stout enough I would have just notched the arm. I just dug a pile of washers out of the parts drawer abd called it a day.
  8. We just put the rim on with no tire. A finger could not fit between the rim and strut. So I believe with a tire it would rub my strut.. And I was thinking with tires it but maybe hit my fender or bumper cover at the bottom but not so sure about that at full lock.
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  9. Hate to say it but your experience is far from the norm. We've been running 9" wheels on foxes for over a decade now.
  10. 245's on a 9" wheel are going to be narrower than the wheel itself.....even 255's will be. That said, it should fit. I had about the same clearance with my wheel and stut, but it fit fine.
  11. Maybe it has to do with this set of rims. He said they were original oem 03 cobra wheels. He mentioned the wheel having positive offset and for my application needing negative. (Or vice versa ) Backspacing was about 2.5 inchs. So i think the backspacing / offset was not compatible. Or maybe it would of worked with a tire on it but it did look close.