Fox 17x8's Rubbing In The Front.

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  1. Just picked up a new wheel and tire set, dropped off the car at the shop this morning and just got a call that I am rubbing the inner fender at partial turn.

    Purchased 17x8's specially so I wouldn't have to deal with rubbing and every post I have ever read says I should have clearance. No lowering springs on the suspension, but they are the 24 year old stock ones so they may be lower than original ride height. Stock four lugs. Original spindles.

    Mechanic didn't want to hack up my inner fender without me there to okay it.

  2. Rack limiters or clearance the arms where you are rubbing
  3. What tire size?? No rubbing here on 17x8 with 245/45/17's on 89 wheel well openings
  4. Same size. Same year and wheel openings. Your experience is what I read on every post. I seem to be the only one having clearance issues.
  5. That usually sounds like me
  6. If it wasn't for bad fits, I wouldn't have no fits at all...
  7. Hate to say it but I also have no issue on my '88. 17x8s with 245/45/17s.

    You have a mechanic put wheels on for you?
  8. Apartment living doesn't offer space to do much of my own work, and the leasing office has rules against performing work on your vehicle on property. I've done a lot of my own work on the car but have had to farm out a lot of the basics because of my living situation.

    Aside from adding rack limiters and tearing up the inner fender, is there anything I've overlooked that could be causing clearance issues with a wheel/tire combo that's supposed to fit? I'm looking to try and figure out why I'm having clearance issues when everyone else seems okay with that wheel and tire combo.
  9. Have you looked under there and figured out exactly where it's rubbing yet or are you just working from feedback from the shop?
  10. Feedback from the shop. Day job keeps me at work all day (and a good chunk of the evening) so I was going by phone descriptions by my frustrated mechanic who was advising me to just send them back. Shop's closed until Monday morning. I'll go and visual it before I head off to work, was looking to gather all the quality insight and strategy I could before I go in there overlooking something obvious.

  11. The obvious might pop out at you when you get a look at the thing. Maybe a fender skirt not secured or something like that (with luck).

    What's the backspacing and offset of the wheels you're using? What wheels are they?
  12. Valid reason. My bad.

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  14. No worries.
  15. rack limiters
  16. My 17x8's rub on the lower A arm at full lock, but it's the rim, not the tire. I'm running bullitts on 94 GT spindles with Cobra brakes. I just don't turn the wheel to full lock. Grab pics if you can, also be sure to check both sides. It might be only rubbing on one side, which would indicate the car isn't square.
  17. Any downsides to rack limiters other than smaller turning radius? How's the install and cost?
    Wouldn't surprise me if the car's not totally square. lol.
  18. I'm running 17X8 bullits on my 91 vert with no issues. I have 98 Gt Spindles and Cobra brakes. It did rub in the front but I installed the limiters and fixed the problem. I've been running them for over a year with no issues. It does shrink your turning radius but I can live with that much better than rubbing. Cost is pretty cheap and installation is a snap. Takes longer to jack the car up than it does to install them. Good luck. MUSTANG-7-27-13_2.JPG