17x9 + 17x10 Saleen S/C Style wheels 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern

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  1. Hey all. I bought my GT 5 months ago with these wheels on it, never have really liked them and have finally bought a replacement set of rims. My new tires arrive via UPS today and will be mounted by the end of the week. Meaning I’m clear to make a move on this sale as soon as I’ve received a reasonable offer.

    Tires are Sumitomo HTR Z, 245/45/17 up front, 315/35/17 rear.

    Full disclosure, the front passenger side rim has some curb rash from the previous owner.

    Prices for both the wheels and tires NEW from AM:

    Front Wheel: 124.99 each
    Rear Wheel: 129.99 each

    Front Tire: 109.99 each
    Rear Tire: 174.99 each

    Taking 33 percent off of each tire, and all but the curb rashed wheel (50 percent off of the rashed wheel), comes out to approximately 700 dollars for the set. That's 380 for the 4 tires, and 320 for the 4 wheels.

    So I'm asking 700 for the set, price is negotiable.

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  2. what do you want for them
  3. Hey Im interested in the saleen rims. What are you asking out of them?
  4. UPDATE: These Wheels and Tires are now officially for sale. I'm swapping them off the car this week for my new 18's. Below is a series of photos of each individual wheel. I'm ready to make a move on this sale as soon as I've recieved a reasonable offer. Currently asking 700 for the set of 4 wheels and tires shipped to the 48 continental states.

    Left Front 2

    Left Front 1

    Right Front 2

    Right Front 1

    Right Front Detail

    Right Front Detail

    Right Front Detail

    Right Front Detail

    Right Front Detail

    Left Rear 2

    Left Rear 1

    Right Rear 2

    Right Rear 1

    Right Rear 3
  5. Just a friendly bump to see if anyone is interested in these wheels and tires. Price is negotiable. Hit me up.
  6. How much do you want for them? and can you sell them with just the wheels?
  7. Hey all, been away from the forums for awhile, my Dad passed away last year and its been a long road.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put a quick message out here, that I have not yet listed these wheels on ebay or the other generic sites yet, so they are still for sale. Wheels and Tires, asking somewhere around 700 for the set, price is negotiable.
  8. Where are u located?
  9. North Eastern Iowa, Cedar Rapids area
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