17x9 and 17x11 Level 8 wheels for sale! Limited Production

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  1. Limited production wheels for sale. I have a few sets in both gunmetal and black finish. These wheels are Level 8 brand and they are known for their truck wheels but made this limited run. I do not work for them but I was able to get my hands on several sets.

    The price is 450 plus shipping (which runs somewhere around 100 - 135). I am selling these on several different forums and you can check out svtp.com for tons of pics and info http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/wheels-tires-259/812170-level-8-17x9-17x11-brand-new-box.html

    These are brand new and never mounted, will fit 94-04 mustangs, all models including IRS.

    Please PM me as I dont check here as often as the other forums.

    Fronts: +13 offset which is backspacing of 5 and 1/2 inches.

    Rears: +19 offset which is backspacing of 6 and 3/4 inches.


    Front Backspacing 5.5"

    Front Lip

    Rear Lip

    Rear Lip

    Rear Backspacing

    Rear wheel
  2. Hey i am really liking these rims! i would like to get a gun metal set as soon as possible please. i live in Texas and want to know if you have anymore to sell. i will even take a black set.send me an email if you have to. [email protected] please reply. Thanks!
  3. What is your zipcode? Im all sold out of gunmetal.
  4. 76549, im in killeen, Texas. black will do just fine if thats all you have, but the gunmetal would look great. Do you think you can get your hands on some more gunmetal? or probably not? Do you have any other finishes available? My coupe is black, so i want a nice offset color.
  5. 550 shipped to your door. approx 3 business days.

    Have you measured up for this backspacing? I have 2 offsets that I offer and the pics in svtp are of a different offset. If you want exactly what is in those pics that you see on the cars, black is all I have. The offset listed here in this thread I have both black and gunmetal.

    Let me know what route you want to go
  7. i looked at the other link you have in the thread. i like the 17x9 +24 and 17x11 +26 wheels that are in the other link. just keep me informed on whether or not those gun metal ones are available. i like those ones better than the ones on this thread. the wheels are going on my 02' and the backspacing should be okay with a little modifying.
    thanks, and just let me know about those ones.
  8. No more gunmetal wheels left. They are all gone and will not be made again. The backspacing will be okay with no modifying, I have mounted them on that suspension and there is no interference anywhere. Only black available, but please let me know in a few days. If you wait a week or more before responding they will more than likely be long gone.
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