18" 10th Anniversary style SVE Wheels

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  1. LMAO @ using a LOL cat for this.

    I posted. Staggered and 2005+ fitting please.
  2. LOL cats make the day a little better sometimes! We appreciate the input.
  3. A little update for you folks, we began production on the 18" SVE wheels & recieved our first samples yesterday! We mounted them up on Jarrod's 06 & these things look awesome!

    18" SVE Wheel Test Fit
  4. :drool: and the price is great too!!
  5. What is the price on 18x9/18x10 black wheels? When will they be ready to ship?
  6. Have them 4 lug?
  7. Srpera - The painted 9s are 142.99 & the 10s are 154.99. You can get a wheel & tire kit mounted & balanced for $1249.99 & only $14.99 for shipping. We expect the first container to arrive in 2-3 weeks.

    coupeswap - suprisingly, the feedback for a 4-lug option has been very limited. As for right now it isn't on the horizon, but if more interest is generated then they would most definately be a possibility.
  8. Sharp looking wheels. Will keep an eye out for the shipment to come in and possible order then
  9. wow, those are nice. I might just get them. Not sure, still sort of leaning towards mesh wheels. But hey, if you guys have the power to make wheels, you know what you should make, mesh wheels like this.


    in 18x9 and 18x10. I can find variations on that for the Mustang, actually just two, (ASA AR1s, and ADR M-Classics), but they dont come in 18x9 and 18x10.
  10. are these no longer available?