18" Bullitt wheels on a non GT

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  1. Have a V6, not a GT. Looking at 18x8.5 painted black alum bullitt wheel ( Genuine Ford Accy# 6R3Z-1007-L ) Ford Accy Store Online says will fit 05-08 GT and Non-GT, but other dealers are telling me it will fit GT only. The offset is the same for 2005 on up on V-6's... No one can tell me why it will fit GT only, I think it's just because the "book" says that. I think the book says that because factory didn't offer this wheel for 2005 non-GT, but that doesn't mean it won't fit. I asked the places that say it won't fit , if they could tell me why it won't fit, but they can't give me a reason, just that it "won't fit" . I asked if it was a caliper issue , they have no idea, just that it " won't fit" .
    Does anyone have any idea of "why " it won't fit.......(if that's true ).....
  2. what the heck?

    Now, they tell me that the 18 x 8.5 bullitt wheel in a Deep Dish or in Standard Traditional Lip will fit on both GT and V6 non GT, but the Genuine Ford # 5R3Z-1007-L (which is a "Euro" flange, not traditional lip...Ford calls it "GT" style ) will fit GT only. But, again, they can't tell me why.
    Why would the deep dish Bullitt wheel fit GT and V6-, but a different lip fit GT only, when offset is the same ??? I really think that since this "euro" flange was ofered for GT only, these people selling the wheels think that means it will only fit a GT..... especially since they can't tell me why it will only fit a GT. Any ideas?
    I'm calling Maxwell Smart......
  3. Caliper clearance is the issue with some ford 18" wheels. The GT uses a larger front rotor so the caliper mounting bracket is not the same as the V6. I've seen posts with problems and others where they work fine. The aftermarket 18's don't seem to be a problem.
  4. if it fits a gt there should be no clearance problems on a v6. just like gray said gt uses a bigger rotor the calipers are the same except the bracket that brings it foward a slight bit to accommodate the bigger rotor.
  5. That makes sense. Thanks for the info, Mattzts.
  6. Thanks for the info GrayPony. SInce these are " Genuine Ford " product, not sure if they are considered aftermarket, but they aren't regular OEM, but somewhere in between.
    I'll give them a try.
  7. The factory 18 inch bullitts may or may not fit...

    Hey Mustang 2222,

    I had the same issue. My wife has an 06 pony package vert and I ran across a set of the Factory Ford polished 18's with tires at a price too good to pass up. Everyone said that they would not fit. I never listen, so I went ahead and got them. They work just fine on our car. I will tell you where the problem is. It is with the caliper bracket and the center hub of the wheel. I have VERY[/B] little clearance (the thickness of a business card) between the base of the wheel spokes and the caliper bracket. The bracket could be smoothed out a bit to provide another 1/32 of an inch or so but I have had them on there for 3 weeks now without issue. I imagine that, due to production tolerances, if the caliper bracket were a little thicker they WOULD NOT fit! It looks sick though with the brakes right against the back of the spokes! As was mentioned in earlier postings, the aftermarket 18" wheels do not have the same problem from what I understand. Hope that helps! Good Luck:nice:
  8. When I did this, I had to install a spacer on the front wheels. After that no problem.