18"Chrome Saleen wheels on a Fox body?

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  1. Ive seen a pic of a black notchback with the 18" saleen wheels floating around here somewhere. Could someone pleez Direct me to it or sling it up there?

    I need to see it really bad :)

    Thanks guys! :SNSign:
  2. tunedin302 has them on his car..they look damn good. I'll post a pic on his behalf


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  3. Thanks Scott :)

    I think you wanted this car and (I believe) his name is "TATRO HI-PERFORMANCE" on corral. (Thanks Tonys89gt)




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  4. I would bet my GT that this is the one you are looking for...


    EDIT: DAMN YOU TUNEDIN!!!!!! But I will 1 up ya. His name is "TATRO HI-PERFORMANCE" You were close though.

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  5. Sorry but thanks :D It's been a long day ....... :rolleyes:
  6. Thats freaking service right there!

    You guys REWL!

  7. Does Tunedin302 have 17s or 18s? They look small for 18s, but it could just be the picture. If anyone knows id appreciate it im having a hard time with what rim size to run on my 91
  8. As far as I know they only come in 18s. I had them on my coupe until last month when I traded them. Mine were hypercoated black and I loved them.
  9. you ever have a problem with that hypercoat wearing off?
  10. No, I only had them for a year and only put about 1500 miles on them. I bought them with a 1 year warranty on the finish though.
  11. Anybody have the 94-98 Speedline style Saleens on Foxes? I can't see enough of those pics. :drool:
  12. His are 18" for sure.
  13. Ohhh...daddy like. The cowl induction hood height is a little much for me, but damn if that thing doesn't look like it could eat your lunch all day long. :nice: