18" Pony Wheels For Fox Body?

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  1. WOW!!

    the 17" chrome pony's look waaaaayyy better than the 18" versions.

    ...in my own opinion
  2. Who wants 18's anyways, 17's should be the biggest to go with if you want a bolt on car that is responsive and quick off the line. Unless you have a terminator in your fox.
  3. I forgot i had these pics laying around.Heres some more 18icnh ponies:

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  4. Hmm, i dunno. They don't look like pony wheels anymore.
  5. WHERE CAN I FIND 18inch ponys

    WHERE CAN I FIND 18inch ponys in the BAY AREA? or order online?
  6. Well i do fit your criteria for 18's, but realistically with how good tires are these days, 17's or 18's perform about the same for acceleration.
  7. Agreed, but with the larger wheel, comes additional weight, that equals added rotational mass. One of the main reasons 15" combinations tend to trap higher than 17 and 18" wheel and tire combinations.
  8. True, but realistically people looking to run 17's or 18's aren't typically worried about every last mph.
  9. IMG_4575.JPG I know this thread is years old but just wanted to show my 18 inch ponies check me out on IG @50_Rick
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  10. A closer shot IMG_4590.JPG
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