18" Wheel spinners and other wheel related questions

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Danger69, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. I'm asking this for a friend, first off whats the lug pattern for a 01 Stang? Whats a good offset for 18x8.5 wheels? Whats a good size for tires on 18x8.5 wheels? The car will not be dropped, so please factor that in. Does anyone know where I can help him get 18" chrome wheels that have spinners on them? Thats his decision not mine. Any response would be appriciated. Please don't flame for a real newbie.
  2. spinners on a stang...:nonono:
  3. please in the name of all things sacred an pure...

    get your friend some help...
    "spinnerz" on mustangs will make me cry.:(

    seriously tho, spinners are like 1/3 the full price of a new 2 new sets of tires an rims..why? :shrug: your in that money range, you can get some seriously bad ass engine work/suspension done an then you have a killer car..

    why won't the car be dropped. is he planning on taking the stang offroading?:D
  4. dude, tell him we already get laughed at enough. no need to attract more attention to our kind.

    any open face rim looks horrible on our cars
    spinners are for benz's and SUV's
    and if you go any diameter over 18, make it deepdish, they look really good.

    we shouldn't be going past 18 though because we have too low torque for all that bling lol.
  5. I tried talking him out of it but he wants the spinners for some reason. I know for sure I he will be getting 18s. So can anyone help me with his lug pattern on his 01 Stang and what offset does the wheel need. And whats the recommend tire size all around for his car without a drop.
  6. if he just goes to any rim store they will know... 5 lug pattern i'm unsure if theres enough clearance for the 8.5 width, also if you odn't lower it, it will look super gay it will sit up really high like some sort of familly sedan...
  7. how old is this person?
  8. Go tell him to by a Honda if he wants to be stupid.
  9. Ok spinners...thats not even rice...thats P Diddy Style right there :nonono: Tell him to get some real wheels, ones that aren't in the lyrics of some lame rappers song... :rolleyes:
  10. oh ya tell him to bag it too while he is at it....and I'm saying all this with a smile I'm not trying ot be mean...I just think it is wrong...Spinners are kool on a Tahoe or Escalade...Stangs are meant to represent power, muscle, style...not da bling bling, IMO anyhow...
  11. :lol: :stupid: enough said
  12. ROFL! No one answered his question! I'm not gonna either. I saw a Stang with spinners a few months ago, and of course, it looked ghey!
  13. Pobresito...

    :lol: sorry but :rlaugh: at your friend.

    5 x 4.5 bolt pattern...

    There isn't enough backspacing or offset to work spinners on the wheel for a Mustang.

    These were mainly designed for luxury cars and SUV.

    If he insists, consult a reputable and knowledgeable rim shop.

    That thing is going to be Fugly and not to mention Bugly :banana:

    Wish him luck from all of us okay.
  14. first, spinners look like **** on a stang
    second, spinners look like **** in anything under 20"

    his cars gonna look like crap. in 18" sizes all you can get are knockoffs or the fake attachments off ebay or something. might as well, since hes already ghettofying his car. i REALLY hope your friend gets some sense knocked into him, this is even below ricers.
  15. 5x 114.3mm
    the offset i do not know for a 8.5 inch wide rim. it will rub in the front tho i garantee it.

    u need a proper drop and rack bushings along with alignment. possibly camber kits depending onthe gehight of your drop. if you leave it stock height its going to be so gay. there is a giant gap between the fender and wheel.
  16. I thought it was a good answer.... :nice: ...Spinners are just not right...atleast not on a stang...
  17. my g/f and i saw spinners on a 10 year old saturn, not even a good one it was one of those that had the bare grey plastic body panels on the lower half of the car.....talk about gay
  18. :stick: :chair:

    Hey guys,

    I think we scared him :lol: :lol:

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