18" Wheel spinners and other wheel related questions

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Danger69, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. it wasn't him it was "his friend"
  2. I still think we scared him :rlaugh:
  3. well he prolly was just bsing any way
  4. I saw spinnas on a stang once..............
  5. Spinners are the biggest piles of crap ever invented. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:
  6. Hey, I like em. The REAL ones on SUV's. I even saw a set on a car that looked good. It was a Bentley though, not just any car......I think they are a cool effect...NOT FOR MUSTANGS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well now that I know his lug pattern, anyone want to tell me whats a good size profile for his unlowered car? So even without lowering the car it will rub on the front fender? Well then I guess he can get the 18x7.5 front and 18x8.5 rear. But whats a good size tire to get? Would 245/40/18 be good enough? I would think 245/45 or 50 would be good. Also the offset for the wheels he wants is 42 or 35+mm.
  8. those sizes are WAY too high a sidewall for a 18
  9. Are you referring to the tires or wheels? I checked tirerack and they tell me 245/40/18 will be ok. And if the 8.5 is too wide I'll tell him to get the 7.5width instead. I've heard mustangs can put 9" wide as long as the offset is right.
  10. u can have as wide as u want in back
  11. even in the club parking lot... they keep on spinnin
  12. to an extent. The largest I have heard of stock is a 10.5 with 315's on an 18 in rim.... Otherwise they stick out past the fender and look goofy....315's are OEM on Vipers......plenty big enough
  13. If he wants them bad enough he is going to hate me for what I am going to say. I do belive ( not 100% sure but at least 90% ) that spinners only come in DUBS or higher.
  14. yep, otherwise they are knokoffs, or the gay ass spinning centercaps....
  15. heh, i saw some spinnerz on a stang once, i laffed my butt off, what was really interesting tho is that it was a chrome wheel and the part that span was black, haha anyway, guess its what you get for going to a campus thats in the middle of the ghetto!
  16. :shrug: what is that poor guy thinking? i mean i am a newb too but still, i have more sense than that.... :rolleyes:
  17. u can put 20's on a stang, someone did it with chrome bullets
  18. ENOUGH WITH THE SPINNAZ! I am going to post my questions here just to avoid starting another wheels thread.
    Does anybody here have 17x8's with some really really wide tires and does it rub in the front? Does FORD make 17x9 bullit/mach wheels? I've seen some but I think they're replicas. And how wide were the wheels on the 1999s?
  19. No ford bullitts are 17x8s. Aftermarket has larger sizes and just as good quality. The deep-dish bullitts are pretty fierce. 1999 GTs had the 17x8s. You can squeeze a Nitto 275/40/17 on an 8 inch rim, but no larger.

    18s look slightly better, but 17s can get you a lot more traction. I often wish I had gone with 17x10.5s on the back with 315DRs, and 275s on 17x9s up front. The think sidewall on the 18s really doesnt hook as well.
  20. HAHA!!!!....THAT WOULD LOOK SO BAD!....keep it simple
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