180 degree thermostat good or bad?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by saxman9801, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Quick question, i put a 180 in my 95 over the summer and it was great all summer car ran great all summer, now it is cold as heck and i notice that on longer freeway drives the car does not even get into the normal range, around town it seems fine, but on freeway it stays cold, no performance problems it still runs great when cold and my heater still blows hot, i was just wanting to make sure there were no negative side effects to running a colder stat during the winter thanx Dan
  2. I have had a 180 in my car for 120K miles or so with no problems. It seems we are always trying to keep these cars from running too hot. It works fine for me in both summer and winter (in Indiana).

  3. 180 is fine, go any lower then that and its a :nono:. Our cars are to computer controlled and the car never warms up to the correct temp w/ anything lower then a 180 stat in there. Ive been using a 180 about 3-4 yrs now and its been fine
  4. I use to have 180 , but I switch to 160 and manual highs speed fan switch, ca running with no problems , except some people tell me meybe I run too rich , I like 160
  5. Ive had the 180 in for a while and it seems to help keep my car pretty cool compared to stock. But my heat still spikes sometimes. Time to get rid of the stock radiator and put in a fluidine.
  6. I have had a balanced 180* for a couple of years and had had no problems either (although it hibernates during the MN winter months)
  7. 180 is good
  8. if your going with a 180 you need to get you chip done so your fan and high speed fan come on earlier, otherwise your not doing a whole lotta good, have the high speed come on at around 192 and your car wont even get past the O in NORMAL.

  9. You dont need to have your chip done. all I have is a 180 T Stat in mine and even during the hottest part of the summer it still dosent get over the R in NORMAL, most of the time it hovers between N and O. Dont waste money when you dont need to.
  10. I personally put a 180 into my car without doing the chip and it actually ran hotter than it did with the original t stat in place I had to get my chip done to unlock my therms full potential.
  11. never heard of that before, but if thats what u had to do then fine but Its not the norm to have to have your chip done to make your car run cooler w/ a 180 T Stat
  12. I have Hypertech chip and 160 * thermostat :D
  13. Actually, this is a bit of internet myth, the EEC considers the car warmed up at 120* and switches from the warm up tables to the stabilized tables for the GT computers, the Cobra's are warmed up at 160*.

    White94Cobra is correct that the car will not see any significant benefit from using an 160 or 180 thermostat until you have the fans turned on sooner thru the use of a computer chip or direct wiring it, unless you always run the A/C or live in Canada.
  14. Or knob on "mix" and "winshield"