1800 miles = Service Engine Light

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  1. Well, I havnt driven my car in a day and i had parked it at 1800.9 miles and this morning i get up to go to school and about half a mile or less the light comes on. The lgiht stays on which means i need to get my engine serviced soon. Now i live on about 1/3 of a mile of a dirt road and i go slower than 25mph on it. Do you think the dirt road might have something to do about it? Also if i take it to the dealer I'll get pretty much half my car repainted due to factory defects such as missing clearcoat areas, paint feeling rough, and an aerea where it feels like a very small "rock" was painted over, even though it isnt a rock but its a circle that litterally sticks out and you can feel it, like a bump I guess. Ill update when i find out what the deal is.. :shrug:
  2. Intresting, i live on a 1 mile dusty bumpy road where i have to go maybe 20 or less, (5 after a rain) and havnt had any problems, 9100 miles on mine.
  3. Well.. then i dont know. :shrug:

    Like i said I will reply back when i find out... :(
  4. Dirt roads are not the cause of "check engine" lights.
  5. Unless you have been drivin on them for a long time, and they clog your air filter to the point of serious air restriction.

    Just check your gas cap before you take it to the dealer.
  6. sorry to hear all of this. Did you try to take of and put back on the gas cap, maybe it wasnt on tight enough? hopefully its something silly like that.
    about the paint that really really sucks. Did you try to use a clay bar to get rid of all the "rough" areas? as far as missing the clearcoat, that is odd, that it went through the dealership like that.
    Best of luck to you, please keep us informed.
  7. Well.. the gas cap is not the problem i havnt filled up since last monday and it hasnt come on. I have used a clay bar on the entire car before. The car is now at the dealer and will have most of the car repainted.... I miss my car but im driving an '04 FX4 Supercrew pickup (300 hp)....
  8. I hope I didnt insult your intelligence about the gas cap, but I thought it might be worth a try.
    The paint is that bad? that must have been dissapointing to do all that work witht the clay-bar to discover the problem did not get solved. I hope the service department takes real good care of you!
    Good luck!
  9. Thanks for your support. No your comment about the gas cap didnt bother me, I was just saying that i hadnt filled up in a week and the light hasnt been on. Well.. i dont know if im supposed to get a call or not to tell me what the problem was? Maybe they tell me when i pick it up but still it will be a couple of more days due to the painting. The paint was to bad all around but my dealer said "you cant just paint one spot" so in translation you have to repaint the whole panel which is ok with me since its all free! Well i assume i will get greatr service since the owner of the dealership is my girfriends ( of a year and 4 months ) father.. so i guess i've got the connections down :D Like i said thank you for all your support and i will tell you what happens in the end.
  10. nice to have friends in high places!!!
  11. Your problem could still be with the gas cap, as the pcm won't run an evap montior test unless the fuel tank is 1/4-3/4 full. If you fill your tank full and leave the cap off the light won't set until the pcm runs the evap test sometime after you drop below 3/4 of a tank.
  12. :bang: yeah it was the gas cap.. i feel stupid.. i didnt check it before i took it to the dealer...
  13. I think this was all just a ruse to get the car in to the dealer to have it repainted... hehe :nice:
  14. well that ^ and.. i didnt know because I hadnt filled up for days and the light never came on until way later so i wasnt sure what was going on.. but yeah its all back and everythings great now! :D
  15. Me too...

    My check engine light came on last week. I checked the gas cap and everything but the light wouldn't shut off. I took it in and my computer had 'fried itself' as the mechanic told me...I had to get the computer replaced...three days with out my car...= ( They don't know how or why it happened. New computer for free though. :rolleyes:
  16. there are a few check engine lights on the mustang. the one that looks like and engine is emissions system, the wrench is limp home mode, and the one that looks like a screw or something like that is the gas cap.
  18. only if you have a problem putting the gas cap on until it clicks 3 times....
  19. 1800= accident !!!

    about 45 min ago I wiped out the left front end of my pony. I heard her scream in pain it was very upsetting.