$189 Fuel system clean

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  1. After an oil change and tire rotation a service advisor suggested I have a 30,000 mile fuel system cleaning for $189. I told him not right now. Any comments or experiences to offer?????
  2. Did you ask what it involves? When I was at Ford dealer we hood up a machine to the fuel rail that ran a cleaning solution through as the injectors pulsed, basically we by passed the fuel pump and it would clean out the rails, injectors and combustion chamber. Well worth it.
  3. Sound like the process he mentioned to me. thanks.
  4. It's probably a waste of money. I don't think I've ever heard of dirty/clogged injectors causing problems on 3V Mustangs.

    Replacing your fuel filter would be a great idea though- they do get pretty bad and do restrict flow when they start getting gunked up.
  5. That's the idea of the service so they don't cause problems. Ideally injectors should be cleaned once a year, you never know what lies in the bottom of those fuel tanks in your local gas station plus this 10% mix garbage the government is mandating. Personally I do fuel filters every 24K and fuel system service between 30-36K
  6. Our 02 Explorer has never needed this in 220,000 miles, and I can't imagine why one would need it at 30k. I change fuel filters every 100 thou or so.
  7. OP: Do you buy gas consistently at a high-quality station (eg, Shell, Chevron, BP)? Are you noticing any performance problems?

    If it's preventative only, you can get roughly the same effect (which IMHO is only a mental reassurance) by running an injector cleaner (or SeaFoam) through your tank. I've run numerous FI cars over the past 20 years-VERY EARLY on in the switch from carbureted engines, there were problems with injectors clogging, fuel rails varnishing up, etc. But in the past 20 years, injector technology has improved, as has fuel technology.

    I would hang on to my $189. You've got as much chance of your injectors failing for electronic or physical reasons in another 100k miles or so as you do them clogging and failing around the same time.
  8. In my experience, the guy was just doing his job: trying to make money. Sounds like a :poo:ty move, but hey, it happens. That $189 would have been a waste IMO...hopefully you hung onto it.
  9. Seafoam seems to work great in the car, mowers, snowblowers, etc. I've never had a dirty fuel concern (so far)..... The 07 GT has had a steady diet of Shell/Mobil/BP; I highly recommend spending a few cents a gallon more to get 'less tainted' fuel. The cheapo places around here are all E10.