18's really to big on a 65-66? pics inside!

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  1. here is one of our customers cars with 18x7's and 18x8s in the rear with pics to help us really decide if the 18's on a 65-66 is really to big.

    I for one think it looks great:flag: , what about you?


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  2. The more I see of it, the more I get used to it. Anything 16-18" is fine, in my opinion.
  3. I think those 18's look good. Some do look too big in my opinion. I think it has a lot to do with stance and tire size which you guys seem to have just right. I'd prefer 17's if it were mine, but the 18's don't look too shabby either.

    Seeing those pictures is like I'm getting to look into the future. That's exactly what I want my '66 GT fastback to look like when it's done. Wheels, color, stance, everything. That's the mental picture that I've had in my head since I bought it.
  4. The 18's look great don't change a thing!!!!!!
    I Love It!!!!
  5. I have seen some 65/66 with 18's and they look silly, but the wheel combo you have looks great.
  6. im a 19 year old youngin and i think it looks great! if you dont want em'....ILL BUY EM'!!
  7. I dig it! :nice: , but I'm sure you'll hear from the wagon-wheel opposition force that anything over 14 inches is too big... Opinions are like... well you know... everyone has one...
  8. What size brakes do you have on the front???
  9. I see this guy is an auditor (license plate = MRAUDTR. If he's IRS, talk him into some 13's off some import. :p
  10. Why stop at 18" rims....
    I'm sure I can fit some 22s :D
  11. 2bav8: Don't touch a thing. Yours is just fine, even though it has, as I remember, 15" wheels. Despite what I said above (16-18" being my preference), your car sits and looks great. I think stance must have a lot to do with it.
  12. Wheels

    Not enought tire, to much wheel, looks like trying to copy the ricer look. But oppinions are like ass_____.
  13. I think it ruins the looks of an otherwise awesome vehicle. You asked for opionions and that is mine. I think anything bigger than a 16 is too much.
  14. SoCal,

    My old rims were 15x7, now I roll on 16x8s :flag:
  15. Cool! I'm lookin' smarter all the time.
  16. I think it looks really nice. I am working on a 70 Mach right now and looking at doing some bullitts off an 01GT for mine. This will go along with my 4 wheel disc brake upgrade.
  17. those are SSBC (otherwise know as too expensive for stock style brakes:D )
  18. not an IRS auditor but for hospital records.
  19. 18's in the rear, 17's in the front would look perfet. I like seeing a little rubber before the front lip.