18's really to big on a 65-66? pics inside!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 12sec67, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Agree.
  2. Though it really doesnt look like total Ass, I am forced to ask, " WHERE THE HECK IS SOARING WHEN YA REALLY NEED HIM ????" Hehheh

    The modern Bullett copies of "TT's of the era", doesnt go with the stockish look of the body. JMHO
  3. I always thought 18's would look 2 big for 65-66 mustangs but those wheels really fit that car well:nice:
  4. Personally I'd rather have 17's up front, for some reason they just look too big up front. Rear is ok, but its borderline to narrow for the wheel diameter. Then again, Ive always liked the look of staggered setups like that.
  5. those look good to me because they are tucked in the front i think anything wider looks funny on a 65-66 in any rim size but i do perfer 16's on 65-66 cars:)
  6. Looks nice..but a little too big for my taste. I like up to 16s on a classic.
  7. I have 17x8 on all 4 corners and I have enough room to tuck my front just like that too. Backspacing helps a lot. Im just saving up for my new suspension to do the drop.
  8. I was shaking my head when I read the title of the thread, But those look great on that car. If the wheels were chrome then it would probably over power the car, but these match the rest of the car, you notice them but it doesn't take all your attention. too bad there too big for my driving. had some trouble fitting 17's that I barrowed from a friend, good thing I found out before I spent money.

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  9. I think it looks great.

    Here's a pic of my '70 Grande with 18x8's on 245/40/18 up front and 18x9's with 275/35/18 in the rear.

  10. I think 17's would look better (or actually, 16's, but I'm a bit conservative), but they do look nice. The fact that it's a beautiful car with a great stance also helps. Plus that they're grey/polished instead of chrome.
  11. Very nice :nice:
  12. love the 18's

    love the front tires

    my opinion rear needs 2" taller tires

    but i am funny that way, i am going to run 205/55/16 front, 255/55/16 rear

  13. I agree, 17's in front and 18's rear.

    They look great, just seems a little too big in front.
  14. Another positive response.
    I think it looks great.
    I am biased though I have 18"s in the rear and 17''s in the front.
    However I also like the more traditional look of 15's and 16's as well on certain cars.
    IMHO what looks good is influenced by paint/mods/stance etc...
    !8's on some stangs look like azz.
    The same can be said for 15's
  15. +1 There has to be a happy medium. I don't like too much rim and I don't like too much tire eiter.
  16. 12sec67, may i ask what these rims are off of or if they are aftermarket? The new mustang bullitts don't have enough dish and look like hotwheel wheels. These appear to have a decent dish on them, which is why i'm asking what they are from. Thanks!

    My opinion is the later the car the better the larger rims look, but in this case i think they fill the wheelwells perfectly and you have the stance nailed. Without the stance it would look like wagonwheels.
  17. There's an 80's Colt wagon by our house that has Torq Thrust-looking snap-on chrome wheel covers. Whenever I see non-dish Bullitts I always think of that wagon.
  18. I think some 14" magnums with 70 series would look sweet on there.............right Soaring????:nice:
  19. Those can't be 18's, because I absolutely despise 18's on Classics, and I kinda like those guys! :p

    All kidding aside; put me down as part of the "17's on the front" crowd.
    Crap! now I'm going to have to re-thinkmy whole "Nothing bigger than 16!" plans for the Cougar :bang: