18's really to big on a 65-66? pics inside!

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  1. yup:D

    Im 36,but i don think it has anything to do with age.My dad is 66 and like big wheels to. He has 20's on his Astro van...............actually its my moms van:rlaugh:
  2. i love this silver fastback!!!

    my initial plans were to paint my 66 coupe silver with black stripes but i had been wavering back and forth on the color. but after seeing this silver fastback,i think this just nailed it down. am i just seeing a shadow on the hood or is the hood blacked out? also do you by chance know or can find out the color of the silver on the car?
  3. THe silver fastback looks like it's been lowered more than 3". I'd guess it's closer to 5".
  4. The Silver 1965 Fastback sold on Ebay for $65,000 around October 2006. I copied most of the item's description. It stated that the color of the car was from a "2005 Porsche PPG silver paint and clearcoat." Also, the "fiberglass hood finished in a beautiful satin black, the hood has about 40 hours labor in reworking." The only other statement related to the paint was, that "The gas tank has been removed and replaced with a custom fuel cell finished in silver PPG paint."

    Sorry, that is all I know.


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  5. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Any pics of the backseat or the inside at all ? :nice:

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  7. I got in a little late on this one. I think that the original poster's car with 18s looks good.

    However, I'm surprised that nobody brought up ride quality. I would think it would ride a LOT better with 17s or 16s that have more rubber. Depends on what is important to you..
  8. I'm going from 16" to 18" tires on my wifes 2008 converted to JDM Toyota Rumion this weekend. I'll let you know.
  9. I like 18s on early cars...as long as the ride height and stance pull it all together. This is 18x9 and 18x8 on my coupe.
  10. As always, I love it. I wish I had gone with 18's. My 17's look good but I need alittle more. I also wish I have gone solid satin black instead of chrome.

    One I took today......

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  11. Wow I'm glad this post got pulled up to the top. I didn't think I was much of one for anything larger than 16s but decided I'd have to step up to 17s to clear my new disc brake kit. Few days ago I found the PERFECT wheels but the smallest they came in was 18s, when I found them on sale for $160 each I bought them anyway and after seeing these rides with 18" rims on them I'm feelin much better.
  12. Thanks...your car looks killer the way it is!
  13. All those cars look great, but when I go to shows, all I see are cars on 17+ rims. I have some 16" rims on my cougar right now and the only reason I went with something that big was to fit my wilwood brakes. If I ever go w/ different brakes, I might just find some nice original chrome 15" rims to put on there. Just to be different.
  14. 18's

    I've got COYS 18X9 all the way around. I get compliments everywhere I go. I have a minor issue of tire rub in the rear when I hit dips, but that's because I did a rear end swap and I'm now a little wider.
  15. Mike, what size tires are you running on the back? And what springs and how much have you lowered it? Sweet car.
  16. Looking good. I love those wheels.