18x9 Gt500 Wheel

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  1. i love these wheels and i am leaning on buying them i know it probably has been covered but before i spend money on wheels and tires i want to be absolutely sure i won't have any rubbing issues.my question without rolling fenders and best look what tire size look best and won't give me a headache.i really want to stay away from rack limiters in the front too.i have the eibach pro kit btw
  2. I have those wheels s in a 17 x 9 and they rub a touch when hard turns are made but my car is lowered as well.
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  3. so what tires did you go with and what lowering springs?any pics?
  4. my car has the 91-93 fenders which i forgot to mention
  5. its a 90 coupe , 245/45/zr 17 i think. DSC02192.JPG
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  6. I'm running 275's on the back of mine. Definitely need to roll the fenders for that. My car is lowered as well and rubs on turns. When I adjust my shocks for road course, they don't. I like them, haven't seen one locally with the same wheels!
  7. Ah, my fault.
  8. The ones you're interested in have about a half inch more backspacing but an added inch of wheel compared to our gt500 (07).
  9. I think I am going to stick with my 17x8 OEM 99 cobras for now. The 245/45/17 tires on there now look like crap out back. Definately need a wider tire for the rear. What's a good tire size for the rear?
  10. Street tires or DR's? I prefer the 275's. People on the internet say you can fit 275 on an 8 inch wheel, I personally can't tell you if it will fit or not. I think backspacing plays a bigger roll as to if it will fit properly.
  11. I'm Partial to 315 myself
  12. Are you running that on a 8" wide wheel?
  13. No. Not really.
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  14. I mean it's eight inches at one point.
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  15. Haha got a picture or a few details on the setup?
  16. Lol. It's a 10.5 inch wheel. The 8 mark is in there somewhere.
  17. I understood what you were saying lol.