18x9 Saleen 36mm offset Rims --- $30.00 Paypal to any member to find them. Thanks

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  1. So i've been building a Mustang for the last 4 years. And i've been searching for a certain set of wheels. I found them advertised at a few shops but when i called to order them(I even bought one set and had them shipped) they would tell me there was an error on the website and that they are 24mm offset. My luck. So basically i'm looking for the rims i have posted below. They are the 5 spoke wheels that came on the '99-2004 Saleens(Pretty positive). I've just had alot of trouble finding them. And i'd appreciate any help anyone has to offer. Honestly. I know machining down the hubs to equal the correct offset would make the wheel structure unsafe. I'd even consider having them custom made if i knew who to talk to. I want that rim in that offset. Period. I'll even give anybody who can find them $25.00. Make it $30.00. Thanks.

    Hopefully this isn't against the Website rules. If so, i'll change this thread. And say i'll donate money to whomever finds the wheels. Thanks guys!

    What i'm mainly asking is: Does anybody know which manufactor offers this rim choice?

    18x9 Saleen 5 spoke rims(4)
    -36mm offset
    -6.42 back spacing
  2. good luck, ive been looking for a set for 2 years now
  3. pm sent. thanks :D
  4. I've had two people PM me an ebay link to a "Wheelindex" company. However, i'm pretty sure that it is the same company that i bought the rims from the first time and they keep listing the auction wrong. I PM'd them to make sure though.

    And "Blown5.0Fox" I've never come across that company. I'm going to call them today to make sure they are indeed that actual offset, backspacing.
  5. Alot of companies list that they have them, only to find out after you pay that they dont. I've gone through it with 6 companies now.
  6. I know. I've gone through this myself. I even had a company ship me the wrong rims. What a mess.

    I called these guys. OE Creations is the manufactor of the rim. And they no longer offer that offset/backspacing in that rim.

    As for the Ebay links. The company that keeps listing them as 36mm on their auctions emailed me back and said they are 30mm offset. Idk why they keep listing them incorrectly. Its been going on for months now. Fools.

    $40.00 Paypal/Check to anybody who finds these rims. Thanks guys.
  7. pm sent look at the bottom left of the page
  8. I'm guessing this search is based on rear end width.
    This is one of the reasons i didn't goto an irs, and the same reason i use fox width axles.
    If you still have a solid rear, just loose the longer axles, it's easier.
  9. Got your pm. I called them today but no answer. I'll check back tomorrow. Thanks!

    It's actually based on the front end. However, both front and rear need 36mm offset. And i have this same setup on another car that i have. But i used bullit rims(which were much easier to find in that offset/backspacing at the time).

    So far all leads have turned into nothing. Either the shops don't carry them anymore or they are advertised incorrect. My offer still stands to anyone who can find them. I appreciate your efforts guys. Thanks to all of you! Happy holidays boys and girls!
  10. I'm still searching guys! Let me know if you find anythign!
  11. i have been collecting a set of saleen rims, rears are authentic 18x10's, so no problem there. the front's however are both replica's from different places and have different backspacing, my two 18x9 front wheels are different. one has 5.9"(151mm)backspacing and +24mm(.9") offset
    the other 6.42 backspacing and +36mm offset

    if i get a 12mm spacer for the one rim is my problem solved???
  12. would be happy to trade for a 24mm offset wheel or sell the 36mm offset wheel i have. . . .someone chime in
  13. don't know if your still looking, but you can get them from americanmuscle.com. I just ordered a set for my tbird. They sell them in black +30 and chrome +36. hope this helps.
  14. still looking? pm sent.
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