19-49 Vortech YS Trim For Sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by CheckedOut, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Vortech ys-trim headunit, satin, straight discharge comes with a 2.95 8-rib reichard pulley, aluminum tensioner pulley, new tensioner plate. Also includes a curved discharge and a 8 Rib 7.5" Crank pulley. The pulley combo is said to make roughly 18-20psi boost.

    Also included are low alternator mounts, a 3G Alternator, 8 Rib belt, oil supply hose, new Vortech water pump pulley, vortech heater hose, standard vortech alternator mounts. It also comes with 87-93 valve covers that have a -10 an fitting where the fill was originally and a catch can.

    The brackets are 94-95 vortech brackets, with a custom 5/8" 7075 aircraft aluminum blower plate to reduce flexing.

    Curved discharge volute for the above mentioned supercharger, along with a custom 3.5" discharge tube with mondo bypass flange. Works with 87-93 tb conversion. This is not shown in the pics below.It doesn't include a blow off valve. It also includes various bolts and a belt or two.

    The serial number on the head unit is 26000 and according to Vortech it was last serviced (bearings and seals) in 2005. I haven't ran the blower since I bought it 3 months ago, but I was told that the bearings are good and the unit seems to be in good shape. I ended up wanting to go another route so this unit never made it past mockup.

    $1800 OBO

  2. Are you open to trades?

    I have an Lsawp with less then 10K on it before the truck was hit from the rear. Every thing is there only things needed are the fuel pumps, maf, alternator and it good to go. It very clean and has a bunch or new never used aftermarket things like LFP auxiliary idler,LFP +4 psi lower crank pulley, air aid intake and a few other new things.

    I also have a Beretta model 96FS in .40S&W great condition about 500 rounds thru it has a butt load of extras like a wolf recoil spring, crimson trace laser grip galco leather out side the belt holster a nylon duty holster and 500 rds of factory ammo. I also have a Russian sks in excellent condition with about 40 rounds thru it and I have 500 rounds of 7.62x39 I also have a rugger m77 in 30.06 with a real big scope on it plus a few other things not sure how WA laws are towards AK-47’s but I have 2 of them as well. I’m in the Reno area.

    I can email pics of all my stuff if you have interest. I really only need the head unit.

    Thanks John
  3. how much would you sell the straight discharge volute for?
  4. Still for sale 1700 shipped. Not interested in separating...
  5. still for sale man???
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