19" Ford Mustang Rims and Tires(MI)

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  1. I have for sale a set of Perelli P Zero Nero All Season Tires with a size of 245/45/ZR19 98W that are mounted on 19" Ford Mustang wheels. They are pretty much new! Still has the nubs on the sides of the tires. All four tires have 9/32nds tread life left. Thats a great amount of meat on the tires. If you go on discount tires website they would run you $732 New. Thats giving you $132 worth the savings and really no difference!
    You can go to Home - Discount Tire Direct to check for yourself.

    Like I said these tires are pretty much new and perfect for someone.

    The Rims where test rims for a black paint coating, If someone wants to take the time they could be striped or repainted and they will be perfect.
    They are OEM 19" Ford wheels! They do not have center caps.
    5x4.5 but please make sure they fit for your car. Im not responsable if they dont fit your car. The rims are 19x8.5

    I sold my Mustangs and now have a Fusion, but the tires are not the correct size to fit the car. Im just looking to sell them and get my money back.
    I know they are from a 2010 so they should fit 2005-2010... Also should fit for the older models with spacers though.

    $800 if your local
    $900 if shipped

    If your looking to trade, I really am not intersted in another set of wheels.





  2. Ill drop the price down $750 pick up $825 shipped

    As you can see from the top picture this is what I was trying to explain. the Wheels need to be sanded and repainted to look like new. The wheels overall are perfect just a matter of painting.. Tires are perfect.





  3. Do you still have the rims? What style of rims are those cause I cant really tell? Get back with me asap.
  4. I got the money just need some more info.
  5. Those would be 19" Mustang wheels... its an option
  6. Sale Pending

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