19" Mustang Rims and Tires(Macomb,MI)

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  1. I have for sale a set of Perelli P Zero Nero All Season Tires with a size of 245/45/ZR19 98W. They are pretty much new! Still has the nubs on the sides of the tires. All four tires have 9/32nds tread life left. Thats a great amount of meat on the tires. If you go on discount tires website they would run you $732 New.
    You can go to Home - Discount Tire Direct to check for yourself.

    The Wheels where test painted black, the paint is rough in some spots and you can see it coming off in other areas. Plan was to repaint the wheels a different color. Had a change in plans and now just selling the set.

    Im located in Macomb Michigan. If your local to the area I have no problem bringing the tire to who ever. If I need to ship these Than Ill need $100 for shipping rims and tires.

    Any questions thats fine.

    My direct e-mail is [email protected] that email goes direct to my phone.

    Asking $800 for Rims and Tires
    If shipped $900 for Rims and Tires





  2. what years will it fit and will you take trades?
  3. Well they are off a 2010, so I know that they fit that year. Should fit from 2005-2010, but you would have to confirm that its correct. I think that it will fit older years but with spacers.

    What type of trade are you thinking about, depending on what maybe.
  4. bump... really would like to sell these things.
  5. Added Pictures!!!

    Price Lower 725 pick up, 825 shipped. Ill meet anyone in the local area of michigan or up to at least a hour or so away maybe farther depending on the deal.




Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.