19 or 20's for my 05

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  1. im looking for wheels and cant find anything i want that is reasonably priced in 19/9 or 20/9 for front and 19/10 or 20/10 for the back. Any suggestions? i want something with a deep lip :shrug:
  2. 20's
    and all chrome is a :nono: to much bling, makes it look cheesy :notnice:
  3. i agree i want brushed wheel with a polished lip
  4. Same here looking for 19's with lip post pics haven't seen any I really like.
  5. Check out Intro wheels website They make some awesome styles in custom off-sets. In order to do a stagger wheels set up your going to need to spend the money to have them done right with a custom offset. I'm like their Vista line with the satin finish on the spokes.
  6. 19 + 20" = gigantic.
  7. Sweet...either
  8. Get 20's they are the bomb yo!
  9. either or but I would get 20's
  10. Saleen put some 20's on, they don't look too big at all..

  11. I think that 19's or 20's would look great on an '05, those huge fenderwells need to be filled up. As said before, just be careful in your wheel selection so you don't make it look like a pimpstang. I don't have a link to it, but if you guys have seen that BF Goodrich ad, they have some beautiful 20's on an '05, I don't remember the make though. For you '05 owners considering the wheel-swap up to 19's or 20's what is the weight difference between the wheels you are considering and the stock rims? Aren't the big wheels going to be one helluva lot heavier, making a dramatic increase in unsprung weight and thus negatively affect the handling? Are there ultra-lite big wheels that take the weight factor out of the picture? Just curious.
  12. I would go w/ 20's, 'cause 19's are such an odd and uncommon tire size. They usually end up being more expensive. Either way, they would help fill up that wheel well and look good doin it at the same time.
  13. I think 18s look just right.

  14. 14" steelies and some soft drag rubber.
  15. I saw the Saleen with the 20's in person last weekend and sat in it hella cool man. but go for 18s or 19s. twentys really look to huge and you do loose performance. But at least you are getting wheels. THATs Downs.
  16. just get 20's
  17. i am going with 20s. I am looking for a perfect set of BLACK rims with a polished/chrome lip. Havent found them yet. I have my 05 GT in white on order..........I am going to have the dealer put them on at the dealership before I even drive it.
  18. i'm getting 20's w/ a 2 1/2" drop
  19. Judging from this thread, it looks like this is a fashion question, not a performance one, right? Because only one person mentioned unsprung weight, and not one person chimed in about handling.

    Maybe this should be in the Exterior Modifications forum? I don't see any Tech in the question... ?