19 or 20's for my 05

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  1. Yes get 20's!
  2. you are correct, i'm getting my 20's for looks. how ever I am also going to be getting a set of Weld XP Prostars for the track. I'm not one for turning unless it's at the end of the 1320!
  3. I had 19's on my 2k2 Maxima, and they were just right. The only draw back on 19's is that you will be paying more money for tires, and the availability on sizes , is not as good......I think the perfect look for it would be 19's...but if you go 20's , make sure you dont get some ghetto bling garbage.....
  4. Didnt know that this was a tech only forum??? I am going with 20s but I am putting sticking track tires on the factory wheels for the track. best of both worlds

  5. I dunno, maybe it's a Sticky Note at the top of the forum that I read that gave me the impression.

    Or maybe it was the fact that we have a S197 Exterior/Interior Modifications - Styling, Accessories, Audio, etc. forum that gave me that impression. Call me nuts, but this is a style discussion.

    I ~wish~ there were more technical discussions about giant low profile tires. I've never run anything tighter than a 45 series on any car I've owned, so I want to learn. Each and every suspension implementation has a different sweet spot. Put a wide 45 series tire on a tall wheel on an otherwise stock 65 mustang, and you're going to have horrible handling. Too much camber change. Start doing mods to the front suspension, and now you can benefit from 50's.

    Same goes for modern vehicles. 19's and 20's scream "PERFORMANCE" due to their looks, but 98% of the vehicle runnign 20's out there would perform better on 17's or 18's with an appropriate tire. People have traded away function for the form. May as well start making doll houses.

  6. Depending on your budget, these wheels would look insane if you powdercoated the spokes to match your paint and left the lip polished.
  7. How about something like a 255/35/19 up front and a 275/30/20 out back? I think this would look freakin killer. Could someone with any photoshop experiance do that?
  8. :lol:
  9. Go 19 all around. 19x8.5 in the front and 19x10 in the rear.
  10. If money is no object, then go with 20s and a deep lip on the rear and the same wheel up front but in 19s with a smaller lip. That will look bad ass!
  11. im gonna get 20's just waitin for a sweet wheel that nobody else has :D
  12. I put these Racingharts on (19x8.5 front, 19x10 rear) and they've HUGELY improved traction. OE were spinning out first sign of moisture on the road, even without overly aggressive accel - these puppies have stuck solid even in the recent deluge here in So Cal.

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  13. I like these in 20x9 :nice:

  14. I don't want to ruin the thread by being too technical, but the wet and dry traction are more a factor of the tire, not the wheel. What brand and model tires, and what sizes, did you use?
  15. yeah of course. since the rubber's what's in contact with the road, I was implying (though didn't state) that the big rim on the rear had a respectively larger tire.

    245/35 front and 275/35 rear.

  16. Do those tires have a make and model? (grin). Also, you went shorter overall height in the front and rear than stock. I didn't notice if you lowered it or not. Doesn't that make a gap in the wheel well, and have you corrected your speedo yet?
  17. That color and those wheels is exactly what I would have ordered if it only would've been availible! :(

    20's? Too much for me...
  18. i agree... i i have decided to go with 18's for a number of reasons. as I stated in another post now i am looking for halibrand type wheels in 18/9, 18/10. As for the color of that car, i understand it to be titanium and it is going to be avail. in 06. I thought about cxling my order and waiting til 06...but what the hell.
  19. How many people truly need the absolute full handling capabilities of the car? If that was the case they would be more race ready from the factory. Wheels and tires are a huge part of a cars appearance and are just part of how we can personalize a car that will have 190,000 others similar to it by the end of 1 year. I personally don't like all the 20's with retro look of the 05 but to each their own.
  20. http://www.tsw.com/new/productline_passenger.php



    to answer your questions, here is a wheel that comes in 18" through 20," for the '05 Stang.
    it is affordable- under $300 per wheel.
    and the 20x10" size has a gigantic 5" lip!

    the TSW Thruxton wheel is very nice on the '05. someone has posted pictures of their redfire '05 w/ these wheels. they are very muscular looking. especially from the 3/4 rear or rear view.