19 or 20's for my 05

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  1. I have an 05 saleen with the 20x9 up front and 20x10 in rear and love them!!
    they really fill out the wheel wels nicely however saleen did roll the fender lips to make them clear

    Also you may want to check out tirerack.com - great tire prices!!
  2. ...i'd say 19's... 20's seem too big and im sure theyll slow you down a bit since you have more rolling mass as far as the wheel goes,,,but whatever you like best since it is your car but yea deep dish is must :D
  3. 18's available in '06??

    Has anyone else read that the 'factory' 18" wheels shown on the cars at the shows will be available as an option in 2006? I know I read that somewhere but I just can't remember where. Anyone else????

  4. I say 19" or 20" is the way to go. Here is a nice one.

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  5. Try JD wheels online.
  6. Installed Boze Euro StiXX on my 05 Torch GT with EB pro kit and Borla cat backs. Went with 255s (9") on front and 285s (10") on rear. Only issue was finding rubber that matched original tire circumference. Had to go with Continental Contitrac IIs. So far they have geen great...excellent rain traction, decent road noise and good looks (used extensively by Audi), but that was my only choice available in exactly the same circ., there were a couple of others reasonably close but overall NOT many choices. They were on the expensive side. If you send me an email I will send you some pics. I dont have any smaller ones that would be easy to post here.
  7. I'd be interested to see some more 19 or 20 setups. I'm not into bling myself, so currently looking at a 5-7 spoke alloy. Got my eye on the Saleen ones at the moment. Thinking of getting the silver ones and making them match the car colour better i.e. a bit darker or even black chrome.

    I would be interested to hear peoples experience with the changes of the handling of the car from stock to either 19 or 20 inch wheels. Has anyone done any wheel tests. Will it only drive in a straight line now?? I have too many winding roads to deal with.

  8. here is a picture of the Thruxton owner's ride. mama mia, sweeT if you ask me.
  9. I'd get 22''s, the HRE car looks so bad. If you get 20's you need to go lower than a 2.5" drop. Be sure to get a reverse lip.
  10. I agree. I put 18s on mine and think they are just the right balance between form and function.

  11. got pics of HRE mustang, sounds interesting...
  12. I think I am going with the chrome Foose Speedsters....19 X 8.5 up front and 19 X 9.5 in the rears. I wish they had 10 inch in the back. Anyways they are $1,600 for the set just FYI
  13. Go with 20's i have boyd coddington 20 X 8.5 fr and 20 X 10 r smoothie II. I have to say it's wicked.
  14. I just got the same wheels.....after a 4 month wait...do you have any pictures???

    I took mine in to have a clear powdercoating put on them, what a mess, they are being striped back down and repolished now.

    This picture is when I was "trying on" the fronts......the backs were not finished yet.

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  15. wldchic - LOVE your Avatar!!

    PS - Girl Power!!

    PPS - go for the Coddington 20's!
  16. My 05 with 19" Boze Euro Stixx ( 9s on front, 10s in rear) with ContiSport2 rubber, 255s and 285s, Eiback Pro-Kit and Borla cats

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  17. Looks very nice!

  18. Check your PM
  19. That is the wheel. have not taken pictures yet. i have a sonic blue with silver metalic stripes