19 stang vert ????

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  1. '91 stang vert ????

    hey guys i need some opinions here....im thinking about buyig a 91 lx vert for about a grand. its a 2.3l automatic but i dont really have a problem with the lack of performance that will give me, onto my question, how reliable were those cars> i mean did they have any notorious problems? I i have heard from a friend that those engines are near bullitproof, but i want to know what you guys think. and yes i know the car is 15 years old but still i think it will make a good daily driver for me if it is or can be made reliable. any and all opinions welcome.

  2. I just bought a 91LX convert with 2.3L/5spd for $1200. I just got a new top put on for $600 so see what condition the top is in and whether it will need replaced.

    Im currently having a problem with hte engine cutting out over 3000rpm but havent had time to diagnose it which Im going to start woring on in about a hour since its supposed to be near 70deg here today.
  3. the engines will run forever if properly maintained. Mine had 150,000 on it when i pulled the motor out for a turbo swap, and it still ran good. The problem is the transmissions. the Automatics are pretty much crap. If you are easy on it, they will hold up for a while, but eventually they fail. The 5 speeds however are bulletproof.

  4. if you properly take care of your engine changed the oil every 3000 miles, my stang has around 140k miles on it and i drive every day to skool and bak then work n bak which to skool is a hour and work is 45min it run so great i couldnt ask for a better car. I agree that the engine are bulletproof..