19" Tire reviews - Need some advice!

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  1. Hey all, been a while since I posted, I know. As most of us '11 and '12 owners have realized, the Pirelli P-Zero tires that come on the 19" wheels don't last long. I got 15k on mine now and I can tell I got maybe 5k more before I don't have a choice but to change em. So, what I need to know is that among those who have already changed yours, what did you go with, and what are your thoughts? How do they grip in wet and dry conditions, (and of course, race type or "spirited" conditions)? Are they lasting decently? Road noise? And of course, did they break your bank?
  2. I needed better performance in cooler temps and light rain so I got the Michelins Pilot Sports A/S Plus http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires...autoMake=Ford&autoYear=2012&autoModel=Mustang GT Coupe&autoModClar=Brembo Brakes After 10k miles, they remain quiet, very good traction dry and wet and with reasonable care should give me many months of use. Costs alittle bit more but you get what you pay for.

    Good Luck.
  3. My car came with the same 255/40-19s P-Zero summers. I got about 13k out of them. I was happy with the P-Zeros but no way was a spending 300+ per tires if I'm only getting a year and a 1/2 out of them I went with the Hankook V12 summers. I am very happy with them.I feel no difference in the wet or dry performance between these and the P-Zeros. Also during the few times this "winter" that the temps dipped below freezing here in the northeast, the ride was not as harsh as it was with the stock tires. The bottom line they are certainly not the best tire available but for our cars but they are imho at least as good as stock for @ $400 less per set.
  4. I tell ya guys, I wouldn't crap on my car with anything from Japan, Korea, or China. So like 10 years ago there was no such thing as Hankook or Kumho and others. So in 10 years or less these companies are experts makeing hi performance tires? Dream on.
  5. ^ Yes you said that last time I posted something about Hankook tires. So is it me you don't like or did you have a bad experience with Chinese food when you were a kid? Guess you'll be ripping out your Chinese transmission and replacing it with a non-Asian built gearbox at some point. By the way Hankook was established in 1941. Oh and Kumho was established in 1960 and has a factory in Macon, Georgia
    But anyway I'm just answering the guy's question and I don't want to hijack his tread by having a pissing match with you.
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  6. Pissy pissy pissy. Do what you want when you're not watching South Park. Had no choice about the tranny in my Boss 302. Those Korean tire makers were making tires for bikes and rickshaws. Gee, thats a great background for making hi performance tires. The plant in Georgia is tapping cheap American labor but the profits go right back home to Korea. Look at the Kumho tires on cars you see around, they are made in China. If you don't mind sending your money overseas, why did you buy a Mustang? You should have kept your Civic Si, WRX, Kia, or whatever you had.
  7. Well I guess you want to hi-jack the thread then. Sorry I have never owned a Civic, or a WRX. or a Kia or any other car that was not built here. I have exclusively owned Ford products since I started driving in 1983 (yes I'm that old.) I have owned 8 mustangs :2 Classics, 4 Foxes, a 1997 SVT Cobra (the reason for my username btw) and finally my current 2010. In addition I have owned a 77 T-Bird, a 1989 Lincoln Mrk VII LSC , a 1992 Cougar a 2001 Explorer and finally last month my wife and I traded our 2008 Escape for a 2012 Flex. But I do like south park though I think the family guy is funnier. And you had a choice you could have bought a Challenger or a Camaro.

    How do you know they weren't high performance racing rickshaws?
  8. Sorry to the original poster because these last few posts have gone off on a tangent.

    To SVTpilot: Look, I meant no disrespect to you or your choices of where you send your money.

    However, I do get up on my soap box about foreign trade practices of Japan, Korea, and China. Can you remember when our country last had a trade surplus? When Japan was rebuilding its industrial power in the 50s and 60s, it went after us by reverse engineering nearly every product that we had in America. Japan took over the motorcycle industry in the mid to late 60s, dealing a death blow to the European and American producers. What remained was a weakened Harley Davidson, Indian, and weakened Euro producers like Triumph, Norton, BSA, Victor, Motto Guzie (sp), BMW and others. Triumph/Norton/BSA went through reorganization after reorganization. The Japanese juggernaut had singlehandedly brought the global motorcycle industry to its knees. Had it not been for President Reagan's tariff on Japanese motorcycles in the early 80s, thereby giving Harley Davidson some time to reorganize, there would be no Harley today. I paid attention to this because I had a Triumph in the late 60s and a Harley in the early 70s. Japan found ways to keep from importing motorcycles, and emphasizing to its citizens to support their homeland which they did.

    Japan started sending cars and consumer products to our shores by taking advantage of our open trade policies. These first cars hitting our shores in the 50s were total junk as were consumer electronics. When I was a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s, any and everything made in Japan was considered crap. By the late 60s, our country was being flooded with TVs, radios, stereos, appliances, cameras, and you name it. By the time our government started looking at trade issues with Japan, it was already too late for many American businesses. The stuff was cheep and Americans seemed not to care until they lost their own job. Move forward as Japan wanted to be the dominate supplier of tires. They made tires in Japan but people here were reluctant to buy them because they were considered unsafe. So, Japan Inc helped their domestic tire companies buy American and Euro tire companies. This is when they bought Bridgestone, Firestone, and many other tire companies. Always through the Japanese government which allowed their domestic industries to lose money until they became dominate in that industry. The Japanese logic was that it was ok to lose money as long as they were weakening their foreign competitors. Also, the Japanese government restricted imports so their domestic businesses didn't have to worry about competition at home.

    Look at today. How many Japanese car companies are there that sell in our country? Lots, and what do we have left? Ford and GM, while Chrysler is now majority owned by Fiat. Just in my lifetime, we have lost many American auto companies, including: Packard, Hudson, DeSoto, Tucker, Studebaker, Nash, Rambler, Kaiser, Willies, American Motors, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Mercury, Pontiac, Saturn, and a few smaller companies that I can't remember. There was a time when America had over 150 companies making cars. Most were small regional players that were gobbled up by larger companies or just went bankrupt. How many American companies make TVs? The last American TV company was Curtis Mathus which closed its last factory in Ohio in about 1999.

    Japan has written the blueprint on how to conquer America in trade. We have seen Taiwan, Korea, and China do the exact same thing. How many of you know a friend or relative who is either unemployed or underemployed making 1/2 or 1/3 of what they used to with decreasing benefits? Do you know that buying imported products only serves to hurt American business and props up the social welfare and benefits of Japan, Korea, and China. Also, we foot the bill to protect Japan and Korea with the costs paid for by you and me. Who is dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep oil flowing to Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan? You know it's you and me.

    I don't get down on the European countries because we have mostly balanced trade with them. I don't get down on Canada and Mexico for the same reason. We have to wake up in this country because we are only making China, Korea, and Japan stronger while they severally restrict our exports. You need to think about it like this: every time you buy something, you are placing a new order to replace the item you bought. So are you placing that order to China, Korea, or Japan? It begins with all of us. So, are you a conscious consumer who realizes the ramifications of your purchase or just a mindless consumer who doesn't think?

    Oh, by the way, I saw rickshaws in Vietnam.
  9. The Pirelli's on my '11 lasted only 18K miles. They may be very good performance tires, but they are very expensive do not last very long. Since my car is my daily driver, I needed something with decent performance but that would last much longer. I looked at the Michelin Sports A/S Plus tires. In the end though, I went with the new Bridgestone Potenza RE970 A/S Pole Positions. They are very similar in performance of the Michelins. They were similar in price as well, though the Potenza's may have been a few bucks cheaper. I like that they come with a 40K mile treadwear warranty. They seem to have better off the line traction than the Pirelli's but not as good a traction in the corners. Just a seat of the pants assessment, though. I drive like a sane human 90% of the time and I put about 18K miles a year on my car. The tires were cheaper than the Pirelli's, but still expensive. I could've bought tires for less, but would have likely had to replace them in a year. So, I figured it was better to spend a little more for a tire that should last me 2-years vs. having to buy another set in a year or so. It was cheaper in the long run this way. Hope this info helps, good luck tire shopping!
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  11. I don't know why people think that a great hi performance tire is supposed to last 40,000 miles. It never has and never will. Buying the Japanese Bridgestone tires you have bought all season touring tires. Great tires for your Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Mazda whatever, Subaru whatever, Sizuki whatever, Mitsubishi whatever, Izuzu whatever, Kia whatever, Hyundai whatever. Hey, your Mustang is now in great company with the above cars.

    Why do Mustang owners run to the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese when shopping for tires? That just miffs the hell out of me. What's the matter, do you feel superior by not buying domestic? Why the hell did you by a Mustang? Was it the Chinese transmission that caught your eye? Hey, you're not in your Civic Si anymore. Start acting like an American for petes sake. If you really can't afford to properly keep up a Mustang, you should have never bought it.

    The only tires I would ever buy for my Boss 302 would be: Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Hoosiers, MT's, Cooper, Pirellis, Michelins, Conti's. I know the Pirellis, Michelins, and Conti's are from Italy, France, and Germany but these countrys have balanced trade with the USA and not the total one sided trade like the Asian countries.
  12. The original poster asked for tire suggestions, not a political rant. It's a global economy, even the Mustang isn't 100% American made.
  13. You can bepart of the problem or the solution. The global economy is an illusion for simple minded people.
  14. Bad Boss 302,
    If you own a TV or almost any piece of electronics for that matter, according to you, you are also a part of the problem because none of your electronics were made in the USA or those trade balanced countries. They were most likely made in one of those Asian countries.

    I'm sure the original poster just wants to find some good tires. How about we agree to stay on topic?
  15. I swore I was no longer going to be baited and stay on topic but I can't help my self bu this is the last time. This tread is going to end up locked or moved to fight club. BadBoss you remind of one if those celebrities who wave their fingers at regular people for not buying a Prius and yet fly all over the world in private jets. I'm "part of the problem" and a "mindless consumer who doesn't think" for buying tires made in Korea and yet you (like all 05 and up Mustang owners) chose to buy a car that at between 60 and 65% doesn't not even make it into the top 10 as far as percentage of domestic content. So unless you are willing to practice what you preach and trade your Mustang in for an F150 which has the highest domestic content of any vehicle, I respectfully ask that you get off the soapbox. And your theory about it being ok to buy European products doesn't hold water, we may not have a trade deficit with France Italy, and Germany, but buying their products still contributes to the overall U.S. Trade Deficit. Stangnet has as section called "FightCkub" which specifically for this type of discussion, I will gladly continue this conversation there.
  16. Be American, buy American...it's your choice.
  17. I run Bridgestone RE-11 285-35-19 all around. Have had them on since the car was new and now has 13k. They still have 80% tread on them are as sticky as the pirellis that came on it. Love them.
  18. A bunch of spoiled idiots. I could probably have an intelligent conversation with your parents or grand parents who know what I'm talking about. It's too bad that many of you have sold out your country for a few dollars. Go and play with your Playstations, Nintendos, X-Box or whatever you spent thousands of hours of your life playing with. I'm glad none of that garbage was around when I was a kid.

    Be American, buy American
  19. Somebody sure is being a pain in the a$$