19" Tire reviews - Need some advice!

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  1. Hankook ventus v12. They are great and you'll have money left to buy more ammo.

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  2. I can see the points Mr. Bad Boss is trying to make. I would look to the "Federal" Reserve as a huge problem, more so than trade deficits. Not only is it *not* a Federal agency (it's a private bank) but it's in cahoots with foreign banks to take down the US of A by bankrupting us.

    Now that I have that out of the way...

    My summer-only Pirellis that came with the Brembo package, well...they could use replacing. I don't think I'll do it this summer as I think they will last until winter, but they will need to go next year. I've noticed with a Bama 93 Race tune that it's very easy to spin the tires when rolling out of 1st gear and giving it about 3/4 throttle. This was on a day with 75 degree temps! The tires aren't bald, but I was sure surprised that I had to pedal out of first gear (against that new '13 GT next to me). He lost. Anyway...

    I'd like to go with a 275 on all 4 corners. I want a summer ONLY tire, as I have dedicated winter tires/wheels. I'd like to keep cost down to $1,200 or less. I've been looking at BFG, Nitto, Yokohama, Bridgestone. I don't think I want a drag radial, but I want something with lots of dry grip. You know, for summer! :)

    Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Pirelli P-Zero (not the Nero or corsa)
    Goodyear Eagle F-1 Supercar
    BF Goodrich G-Force
    Michelin PS-2

    These tires will let you enjoy the full benefits of the awesome suspension that Ford built into the Mustang.