1952 Chevy 3100 starting issue


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Sep 13, 2020
Thompson's Station, TN
Odd behavior that i can't figure out with a starter/starting issue. My son accidentally jumped (shorted?) the solenoid terminals on the starter when tightening a terminal. since then we haven't been able to start the truck. tested power at battery, alternator, fuse panel, various accessories, etc.. have power but none of the accessories would work. lights won't turn on, horn won't work, etc. example - we depressed the horn button and would only hear the relay clicking (rapidly), but no sound.
went to replace the battery and when we reconnected it all accessories worked when we turn the key to accessory (without starting).. (elec fan, horn, lights, etc).. tried to start and wouldn't, and then the accessories wouldn't work again.. found that if we disconnected the positive terminal on the battery and reconnected it 'reset' the accessories but still can't turn the truck over.
solenoid is part of the starter, possible that we have a bad solenoid at this point ? i haven't found any fuseable links.
truck is carbeurated so pretty straight forward.. just not sure what could be keeping it from starting at this point but figure it's a solenoid or ignition switch issue..
thanks for any thoughts.. kinda lost at this point..
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Aug 25, 2016
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Basically you're checking voltage through the cables/connections, as you send power to stuff, like the starter. With the ground from the dvm hooked to the battery ground start at the battery positive connection check voltage at rest (nothing turned on) and then ignition on, then with the starter engaged, note the differences in voltage readings.