1964.5 Hipo coupe for sale

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  1. Rust free CA Hipo coupe needing everything including correct engine/trans. Correct rear end is still in car. Very rare/unusual color, Phoenician Yellow car. I have only found a few mustangs this color on the net and they weren't hipo cars. Floors are solid, doors are solid, fenders are solid, everything is solid. You won't have to replace any metal in this body. Trunk has just a LITTLE bit of rust, still no replacement needed, its shallow surface rust. The primer you see in the pics' is where the previous owner started to prep it for paint. I can't find any bondo in this car. It still has all the 1964.5 stuff, generator, carpet, horns down low, vent holes for battery, correct hood etc. It was built in San Jose which from what I understand not many of the hipo's were built there. 5R07Kxxxxxx The only reason this car is now for sale is that I have my eye on a 1966 Galaxie 7 Litre. If the 7 Litre sells before I sell the Mustang, it may be pulled from the market. If I am in the middle of a deal on the Mustang, I will honor the deal still. My email is [email protected] or any calls please between 8 - 8 pacific time. Thank you

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