1964.5 Stock 260 Engine Rebuild Question(s)

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  1. I have a 64.5 Indy Pace Car that I have been rebuilding for the past few months. It is an automatic with a 260 V8 that is completely original. I am going to have the engine rebuilt while I have it out and I am looking for thoughts/opinions on the engine components. This is what I want from the rebuild.

    1. I need to use the original 260 block, heads, and carb (I think it is a 2 barrel??)
    2. I plan to use also rebuild the tranny, but I dont anticipate too many changes to it.
    3. I plan to use fresh OEM manifolds and exhaust.

    My previous rebuilds have always revolved around getting as much punch as possible, but this one is different for me as the goal is to maintain the appearance that the drivetrain is original.

  2. maybe a mild cam and forged pistons . an intake swap couldn't hurt any thing as long as you save the original but i would keep that one as stock as possible if it were mine. i don't see anything that is an easy bolt on being a bad thing but keep those original parts.
  3. The only choice you will have for pistons are Silvo-Lite cast flat tops. You also will find due to the small size of the intake ports, the only aftermarket intake you can use without port matching is the now out-of-production Holley street dominator. You will also have to watch valve lift due to the flat top pistons.