SOLD 1964 Ford 260 C4OE Head, Mustang, Comet, Mercury

Jun 9, 2003
Listed is a Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo) head for a Ford 260 V8. This head is identified as C4OE-O and includes valves, valve Springs, retainers, etc. assembled. The date code on both heads is 4F19 (June 19, 1964), so the intake valve is understood to be 1.67 and the exhaust valve is understood to be 1.45. Also, the combustion chamber size should be 54.5cc.
Although, the date code is from 1964, it could be used in other year small block fords since it is similar to some 289 heads. This was pulled from a running engine and stored inside for many years.

Asking for $100, shipping would be calculated from 22152 (northern Virginia) or pickup locally.

Images are of actual item listed


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