1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Clone. AWESOME!!!

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  1. Well some of you all know I’m crazy about nostalgic ford race cars. One day I will find a 64’ fairlane and make my own clone. They are so freaking impossible to find around here I will eventually stumble on one some day. I’ve got the motor a 429 cobra jet, the bubble hood, and the air tubes/breather all I need is the car. (HAHA.. I’ve been preparing for a nostalgic car from buying stuff at car shows and swap meets) I bought the motor from a guy who needed money really bad. Its still sealed in a crate from when he had it rebuilt from a race shop here in Arkansas.

    Check this car out… too cool!!!!

    It has a 427 high riser motor from the sixties. I bet that was a pretty penny!!
  2. Wow, I bet that would make some FWD, rear winged car driver pee in his pants at some stop light! :nice:
  3. That car is a BEAST...I love it!