1965-66 E2 Coupe

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  1. One other thing on the emblems. We put this car together from a painted shell in 7 days for the SEMA show.

    Engine, Front Coilover, R&P, Disc Brakes Front & Rear, Interior etc etc..

    We simply had to go with what we had in hand!

    I mean we barely made it!
  2. :eek:

    I almost made SEMA for my first time this year. Better luck next year - :(

    BTW - Glad to hear that. It just looks so wrong facing backwards.
  3. 3" lights

    Have you tried the 3A Racing Brand?
  4. Never heard of them. Where can I find them ?
  5. Pep Boys, Checker etc..

    I'm sure you can find them on the web too...

    PS You got the Coupe done yet?

    Let me know so we can update the site!
  6. Yeah, we did them high res and cropped most of them down for the web. However, some of the big ones got through on a fast post...
  7. I've been thinking about trying to do a brushed aluminum door panel for a while, and get the JME cluster and a steering wheel to match. You've confirmed that it looks awesome! I'll check back in a few weeks to see how the production panel turn out. :nice: