1965-66 Side Window Removal Pictures & Steps

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  1. I found one of the series of pictures of how to exactly remove your stubborn side windows in a 65-66 mustangs. There is a trick, here's the rough procedure below:

    1) Roll the window down and remove the felt strips, the front and rear rubber door plugs.

    2) Remove the armrest, interior door handle, interior window crank (keep handy so that you can quickly roll the window up and down.

    3) Remove interior door panel carefully by prying near the clips with a flat bladed screwdriver (the wider the better) or interior trim removal tool (can be found from Eastwood Co.)

    4) Loosen Front Vent window and remove all bolts.

    5) Remove wire clips from the plastic window rollers and pull window crank arms out of plastic rollers

    6) Remove all the window crank retaining bolts/nuts and remove window crank through bottom opening of the door shell

    7) Grab rear of the window frame and carefully work the back part of the window out of where the rubber rear door seal was.

    8) While holding window (or have a helper hold the window) remove the chrome front vent assembly and front window track.

    9) Slide the window back into the door frame.

    10) This is where most people get frustrated and stuck. Rotate the rear of the window 90 in the counter clockwise (DS) or Clock wise (PS) and work the tab on the window support plate through the gap where the front vent assemblies were.. Refer to picture below:


    11) Carefully life the window the rest of the way out.

    Reverse procedure for installation.

    These instructions are to the best that I can remember here at work with no actual physical references. I’ll try and find the rest of the series of removal pictures later on.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Thanx Obo.....you're only a week late! :rolleyes:
    Could you incorporate this in your Classics FAQ's sticky so I can find it when I need it to put my doors back together? Also, do you have How-to on putting the rest of the innards back in (so they work!)? :shrug:

    What would also be helpful is a How-To on the rear quarter window removal/reinstallation!:D
  3. Thanks I needed that!! QWs would be nice also.
  4. golly.. I'll be putting it up on my website also... and QW... you guys/gals are demanding... If i can't find the rest of the picts I'll reinstall the pictures and retake them.
  5. No, if I was demanding I would be asking you to come over and do the work since you obviously know how to do it!:D;)

  6. Didn't you already ask? ;)
  7. No.....I invited you to come do work on it! :D
  8. Man, its been a while, but I'm sure I've removed the side windows without removing the vent windows or the front track.
  9. Did you use the Big Ford Hammer?:scratch:

  10. I did this about 2 months ago and if i'm remembering correctly you had to remove the vent windows to be able to have enough room to slide the tab that's on the front part of the window support plate through the top of the door shell. I'll double check this weekend if I get a chance.
  11. When I did mine last week I loosened the vent window to give me some free play to manuever the side window, but I didn't actually remove the vent window/track assy until after I had the side window out........... :nice:

    Then of course I pulled the rest of the guts.......gonna be fun trying to remember how it all goes together after I am done working on the door shell! :shrug:
  12. I did it without removing the vent windows, and had the vent windows in when I installed the door windows. That is the way the one book I had said to do it (HPBooks Mustang Restoration Handbook by Don Taylor & Tom Wilson), IIRC the Ford manual says the same
  13. I think if you remove the rubber seal at the top of the rear of the window in the jamb area of the door, it allows you enough room to get the window out.
  14. Well I just found the 40 + pictures of the window removals that I took. So it'll take me a few nights to compile everything into an all inclusive write-up.

    BTW Looking at the picts I just needed to loosen the vents, but I took them out anyways to strip the car to bare metal.
  15. You'll be getting a BIG package from DHL, just two doors to take down to bare metal and repair rust on...........;):D :p
  16. 65 ~ Up here that's called a Chevy tool...:D

    Oboe, good instructions, I'll make sure that when I'm down there I'll have you over for a tear down party when my mistress is ready for the paint shop... :rolleyes:
  17. 65 stanger- Just ship them out and I'll fix them for ya.

    Mistress- So you're going to throw a stripping party for your mistress? Hmmmm in some ways that sounds soooo wrong! ;)
  18. Nope...the GBM carries the Chevy tool in his pick-up.......full propane tanks and a rifle!:lol:
    Are you kidding? In The Closet / Gutter that sounds RIGHT!
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    Right after I ship my seats to Chelle for reupholstery! :D
  19. I could also do the uphostery... ;) I have over 2000 pictures from when i did my 72
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