1965 Fastback 347 Stroker White Smoke Out One Side Exhaust??

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  1. Ok was driving the other day and noticed smoke (WHITE) out drivers side exhaust pipe. I got home and noticed an oily residue on back of car. It tastes like antifreeze, so what do you think, head or intake? Dont wanna do the intake then have to go thru it all again because it was the head? also should I have the head machined some, if thats it? It never got over 195° but better safe than sorry? (Oh and the heads are alum, not sure the brand right now??) Id apprciate any help. It was running great just the smoke and coolant. Oil looked good, nothing on dipstick. No noticible coolant missing from radiator??? Gotta be that though.. right?? I am re-learning my Fords so Thanks in advance for the help. Mike
  2. Your best bet would be to start by pressure testing the cooling system. In all honesty it sound more like a head gasket than anything else, especially with it only smoking from one side. I always have aluminum heads decked whenever they are removed.
  3. Leak down detector time. If it is the head gasket and you pressurize the leaking cylinder/gasket on that side, it will leak air into the coolant. That would be my first step before pressurizing the coolant and trying to find the leak that direction. No leaks in test one, but coolant in the motor in test two would indicate bad intake gaskets. I would also use UV dye in the coolant before test two to help confirm where the coolant is going.