1965 Fastback Mustang Project

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  1. I just picked up this new project today. We will be doing all the rust repair, removing the drip rails, adding metal flares and a few more surprises.
    Chris leaves for Iraq for a year and while he is there serving our country we will be restoring his fastback. I think the hardest thing for Chris will be leaving his son.

  2. Sounds like it is gonna be an awesome build!

    A little off topic but that car in your profile picture, what is it?
  3. My former NHRA recording holding SS/GA Mustang that I have race on and off since I built it in 1971.

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  4. Ok, It looks similar to a car i know back home in MS. it is a 1968 428 CJ that was only raced...was white with the big Cobra Jet on the rear fender, some drag pac car or something... guy who owns it bought it in 68 brand new and did nothing but race it till he blew the motor in the 70s some time and it has sat ever since rotting away and he wont sell it...
  5. It is now ready for the media blaster

  6. Looks like he will have something great to look forward to! My Girlfriend's Son leaves for a year in the Middle East this Tuesday and he is having a hard time saying goodbye to his three kids.
  7. Can't wait for the surprises.:D
  8. Back from the sandblaster it looks good from a distance


    It had been patched with fiberglass mat so there is a lot of hidden rust. The first thing we need to do is repair all the rust.



  9. I would have used media blaster, that sand took the quarters clear off!!!!
  10. Umm, wow is all I can say... Good thing you are in the business to fix such cars. Was the car sitting outside for a while? How does the top of the dash get rusted like that? I look forward to seeing updates and good luck with the car!
  11. looks like you will be replacing practically every single panel!
  12. WOW! That's major rust.... in unusual places too. Good luck! The fastbacks ( and coupes too) are definitely worth saving.

  13. Brian welded the shock towers for extra strength


    The fender aprons had been replaced at one time but they had not cut out all of the old metal and were not welded in some places. Brian removed the fender apron cleaned it up and welded back in and repaired a little rust.



  14. :nice:Looking better already!
  15. how are you going to do the rear section of the car?
  16. Take off everything that has rust and repair each piece as we go. We are going to mini tub it and do away with the fold down rear seat and run a solid rear panel behind the seat. Some of the sheetmetal was backordered so we started with the front. All the inner structure will be epoxy primed to stop the rust.
  17. Brian cut the floor out next step will be subframe connectors.


  18. This afternoon Brian starting making the right subframe connector. Since the early Mustang has no torque box in the front we are making one out of 2 x 2 and also welding it to the rocker and the rear torque box. He still has to finish welding it to the rocker




  19. It's moving right along and looking great!
  20. Brian finished welding the rocker and added the top of the rear torque box