1965 Fastback project.

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  1. What color did you paint it? Is it the original silver blue in bc/cc? The reason I'm asking is that I have a silver blue 66 F/B and want to go close to the original color in a bc/cc and yours looks good.

    BTW Great looking car!
  2. 1965 Fastback project


    As you surmised the car is painted the original Silver Blue in bc/cc. It really looks good in direct sunlight.

    I have used bondo in the past but I taught myself to cut, replace and weld body panels on this project. I made some mistakes. Some were fixable some will remain and hopefully not show. I'm not telling where they are.


    I built a temporary frame out of 2x3s inside my garage. To this I attached heavy plastic sheeting on all four sides and the top. I made doors that latched with hook and eye screws. The fan was an attic fan from Home Depot. I connected the exhaust side of the fan to a cheap plastic duct to route the exhaust outside. I used a couple of large hvac filters in a window for fresh air. Most importantly I used a fresh air respirator with hood. The chemicals in bb/cc can harm/kill you and it's just not worth risking exposure with just a filtered mask. The respirator I used had a 50' hose and I couldn't smell any paint fumes.


    I really don't want to say how much I paid for the pos rustbucket that I started with. Especially considering I didn't reuse one single piece of hardware (although some of those parts will find there way to the other 65). Seriously. I replaced the entire drivetrain, suspension, drivetrain, brakes, wiring, interior, fuel system, cooling system, lights, trim, wheels, tires and nuts and bolts. Except for the parts I threw away I have a huge pile of Mustang junk in my garage. I also have a bunch of 6 cyl. stuff from the other 65. Anybody need a 200cid 6, 3 spd and 7.5" rear axle? They're free!
    Lets just say that if there are any useable panels on that $1000 coupe you are way ahead of me. You could probably rebuild the entire body and interior for what I paid. You may even have some left over. Fastback prices are ridiculous.


    I saw your car at Knott's earlier this year. I plan to have my car there next year. Your car is one of my favorites here on Stangnet. It is a well thought out and executed work of art! What I like most is that you created a theme and stuck with it inside and out. It doesn't look like stuff was added here and there. Plus the stance is just right and the 275s look perfect.

    Thanks for the support everybody,
  3. thanks:nice:

    I have probably 2 sets of everything(wheels,seats,intakes,carbs,cams,hoods etc.) So it hasnt been THAT well executed.:nonono:
  4. Wow, sure was tight in there. Bet your back and knees were sore afterwards!
  5. paint booth

    It was a little tight and yes I was sore. However, for most of the job I had the car on the rotisserie. Made things much easier. I could push the car from side to side and rotate to get at hard to reach areas.


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  6. Thank you so much for your help. I had a few of the basi ideas but the fan seup sounds great and thanks for the heads up on the respirators.

    You probably are'nt anyway but don't beat yourself up about payig too much for a rusty car, I'm sure many people on here have done that, I know I have. What matters is you now have a damn fine car and the fact that it was rusty is even more to be proud off.

  7. I hear you with the price of fastbacks. I paid alot for just a shell since i have since replaced just about eveything.
  8. Wow beautiful! I dont think you mentioned anything about your interior. What are your plans for it?
  9. interior

    I hadn't mentioned the interior yet because it's not as far along as the rest of the car. Once I'm sure I have all of the gremlins worked out I will assemble the rest of the interior parts. The car came with the original white/blue pony interior. I like the two tone Pony interior but had to update it some. I went with a JME 6 gauge instrument panel. I can't stand the look of vinyl wood so I bought some walnut veneer and using a vinyl woodgrain kit as a template I cut out replacements for the instrument panel, glove compartment and consol. I then mixed stains until I came up with a color that matched the wood steering wheel I bought to replace the original plastic "wood" wheel. I put about 20 coats of spray can polyurethane on each piece.


    I'm using a repro original style consol with all new parts and the above mentioned walnut veneer.


    In the interest of weight savings I removed the rear seat and fold down (80lbs!) and replaced it with the Shelby style shelf. I'll probably cover this in carpet.


    The seats are Flo-Fit with the blue/white pony colors.


    The carpet is cut pile instead of nylon loop. I converted the windows to power and mounted an Autoloc switch in the position of the orginal crank handle. Even though the switch was suposed to fit Fords it didn't. I had to drill and tap a hole to attach the crank handle and I had to re-spline the shaft to accept the crank. However, it works and will look original.

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  10. damn that'll be nice. I love the seats. Mind me asking how much for the seats and to get them upholstered? Oh and where did you buy them?
  11. seats

    I bought the seats from JMC Motorsports for $1545/pair. They are available in white, black and the blue/white like I have. The are essentially the same seats found in Fox body Mustangs but reupholstered to look like Pony seats.
  12. Motor sounds really nice Brad, car is going to be an awesome build....

    I thought those seats looked familiar, just like in my old 88 GT... I like the two tone Pony interior theme....
  13. mustbereel: You have a PM.
  14. Very nice project you have going there. I noticed the rear trunk access panel you have has integrated speaker openings. Where did you get that and do them make them for other model years like 67/68?
  15. trap door


    I bought the trap door from Sacramento Mustang for $240 including speakers. Mustang Depot now carries them and lists a door for 67-70 models for $119 without speakers. I had to drill new mounting holes for the hinges to get it to line up correctly. You also have to cut out the opening for the speakers. It sure beats cutting up the original and the you can still use the trap door feature. I have the matching kick panels in front.
  16. All I can say is, Wow! Fantastic job.

    Gotta love the home paint booth - I've painted a couple cars in my garage the same way. :nice: I found that if you mount the fan up high like you did and have it pull air out of the garage, but put the filters down low at the ground, and wet the floor before you spray, you'll get alot less junk in the paint. Wetting the floor presents new opportunities to screw up the paint, but it does reduce the number of particles floating around in the air.
  17. Very nice! I can't get anything done on my 'vert...and every day I walk past the 2+2 in the garage it makes me nuts!

    I love the idea of the aluminum block. Too bad they are so pricey, as it is a good approach to getting some weight off of the front end.

    Can't wait to hear about your thoughts on the handling with these parts. I am suspicious of the Heidt's IRS, though. I have tried to convince myself to save up for the Control Freaks IRS...but I'd have to save up for a divorce lawyer as well.

    Keep up the good work and the posts.
  18. LOL! I hope no one quotes you out of context.
  19. I was waiting for somebody to catch that.

    One in the boat!