1965 mustang Drag parts Caltracks

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by scottspence9, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. i have a set of caltraks for a 65 mustan and a set of their split mono leaf springs.
    They are in exclent condition had them for about a year and the car hooked awsome never spun the tire with this combo.
    $500 obo

    15x8 weld draglites 5.5 backspace with hoosier quick time pro slicks with tubes and drilled for screws 26x9.5 tire about 15 passes some left
    $300 obo

    Ford 9'' rear end complete drum to drum 1965 66 housing width. Nodular case, 4.11, Ford motorsport posi, 31 spline axles new brakes and drums
    $950 obo

    comp engeneering adjustible Front and rear drag shocks
    $75 for all 4

    10 gallon Triangle engenieering aluminum Fuel cell with ford sender

    email for pictures or questions
  2. would u split the caltracs and springs? if so what would u take for the caltracs
  3. i would like to sell them together but if I cant get rid of them i will.

    ill let you know

  4. I might be interested in the shocks, are they double adjustable, and what are there settings?

    Also, with your draglites, did you run a spacer to make those fit?
  5. the shocks are just single adjustible they only have 3 settings the rear are 70/30 60/40
    50/50 the fronts are 10/90 20/80 40/60.

    And I did have a 1/2" spacer on the rear wheels

  6. What do you want for the mono springs?
  7. $250 for the springs they are set up for the bars already because the front bushings have to be changed out inorder to use the caltrac bars
  8. Sent you a PM last week, let me know if your still selling the mono springs.
  9. yea i was out of town im still interested in selling the springs. Ill take a photo and send you an email as soon as I can

  10. interested in the rear, where are you located
  11. San francisco
  12. Scott, have you sold the rearend yet?
  13. I have a guy who is interested locally if the deal falls through i will let you know

  14. Yeh, let me know Im local too about 3 hours away I can come pick it up on a weekend.
  15. I am interested in the caltracks and springs if they are still available. Do you know which ride height springs they are?
  16. i still have the cal tracs and the springs. I can not remember exsactly what the ride height was but i do know that on my 65 fastback with a 26 inch tall tire the top of the tire was right at the lip of the wheel well here is a pic

    this is with a 25.5 inch tall tire with all the suspension in

  17. PM sent to you.
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